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Friday, October 30, 2020
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    Funny Things from Yesterday: Granny

    Rudene has been called Granny since Leanna, our first grandchild, was old enough to talk. Our Granny’s actions are like the actions of the...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: He is as tough as a pine knot

    Our second oldest great-grandson is Alder, (“AB2” if you remember the simple way I had to have to remember our six greats). He will...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: My birthday

    We had a wonderful afternoon on October the 4th. The only thing that was wrong was that three of our family members were missing....

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Another hearing problem

    Rudene and I have lost our hearing. Both of us have high-dollar hearing aids, but on the telephone, we sometimes misunderstand what is being...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: I had my hearing tested

    Several years ago, I was told that I could not pass a flight physical because I could not hear. I don’t know why they...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Our 1st great-grandson

    Our first great grandson is Crosby James Skipper. He is now 3 years old and a little boy who has an inquisitive mind. The...

    Funny Things from Yesterday : Drop me off at work and I’ll walk home

    People need exercise. In this present day and age it seems that most folks just don’t take the time for a little much needed...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: 23 for lunch

    This was the first lunch that we planned at our home since the pandemic hit town. We had been missing all the togetherness that...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Visiting with the children

    Last Saturday we decided to defy the pandemic and go to visit our daughter and her family on the lake. All the members of...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: 3 great-grands at our house

    Last week we had a good time at our house. Erin asked if we could keep Emma Grace for her. She had to go...