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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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    Funny Things from Yesterday: The twins visited us yesterday

    We had a very pleasant surprise yesterday. Leanna brought the twins by for a visit. We had not seen them since Christmas. This pandemic...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Our new fire truck

    A few years back, when I was on the city council, the City bought a new fire truck. This was no ordinary fire truck,...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Do you remember cherry-flavored Luden’s cough drops?

    This is an article that I wrote several years ago. Time marches on and lot of things change. Barbershops have changed considerably since I was...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: The cardboard box

    Leanna bought a nice toy box for the twins, Rhett and Vaughn, to store their toys in when they are not playing with them....

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Christmas Story by Crosby

    I must apologize for not having this story last week. It is a belated Christmas story that I did not have all the facts...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: They brought the twins over

    Things have changed a whole lot since I was a very young boy growing up. We didn’t have a refrigerator until I was about...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Happy Birthday, Don!

    I thought for today I would honor a longtime good friend. He and I went through pharmacy school together. He stayed on the east...

    Funny Things From Yesterday: Jogging suit and a bonnet

    This is an article about modern trends and old traditions.  A few years back many people had to walk when they were going somewhere. But...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: You spit on me

    During the early and mid-1950s, I was attending A.P.I. (Alabama Polytechnic Institute), which is now Auburn University. A few other boys from Cullman were...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Locked in and locked out

    When our daughter, Robin, was 4 years old and Robert, Jr. was a little over a year old we had a problem of one...