Funny Things from Yesterday: Our new fire truck

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

A few years back, when I was on the city council, the City bought a new fire truck. This was no ordinary fire truck, for it was something special in that it had a platform that could be raised almost a hundred feet in the air. I think the fire department planned to put the mayor and city council on the platform and raise them up. This was no doubt the highest the mayor and/or city council would have been upheld so highly by anyone.

Fire Chief Walker and I were looking at the nice features of the new truck, and upon looking in the cab I noticed that the front seat was big enough for three men and a dog. I mentioned to Chief Walker that he needed to get a Dalmatian.

He said, “We had one, but he chewed some of the wiring off the fire truck and we had to get rid of him.”

Evidently that dog wasn’t fire house-broken.

Some of you may be old enough to remember Senator Howell Heflin. Anyway, he once told a story about a new fire truck that I thought was funny, so I’ll pass it on to you.

Some small town had gotten a federal grant to buy a new fire truck for its volunteer fire department. All the volunteer firemen had anxiously awaited its arrival. The fire truck finally came, and it was a beauty. It had a big chrome siren on each of the front fenders and flashing red lights on the top. The firemen were proud of their truck. They had waxed it so much they could see their reflections as clearly as looking in a mirror. They were anticipating their first fire call.

The call came, and all hands loaded on the fire truck, and away they went. After arriving at their destination, they found it was only a cat up a tree. Needless to say, they were disappointed but got the cat down safe and sound.

The driver then put the truck in reverse and backed around. Then putting the truck in low, he roared towards the street. All of a sudden, the driver slammed on the brakes and stopped real quick.

The fire chief said, “What’s the problem?”

The driver answered, “We ran over the cat.”


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