Funny Things from Yesterday: 3 great-grands at our house

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

Last week we had a good time at our house. Erin asked if we could keep Emma Grace for her. She had to go to school since she is a teacher. Anna Beth was at day care, and she needed someone to look after Emma Grace. We were glad to have her with us.

A little later Robin called to ask if we could take care of Tyler’s little boys, Crosby and Alder, from two o’clock to three because Tyler had to go to work before she got out of school. Robin had been keeping the boys, but she, being a librarian, had to go to school also. We were glad to see them. We had not been seeing them because of the virus scare.

Granny had bought a little painting kit with pictures to paint and little paint containers with  two little brushes. She also had bought four jig-saw puzzles. We thought that would entertain Emma Grace for most of the morning, and it did. Then we had lunch.

At two o’clock, or a little after, Tyler brought Crosby and Alder over. We have a playroom that is separate from the house, so we moved out there where most of the toys are. They played with blocks, little trucks and a little dollhouse. After they tired of this we moved outside and they played with a soccer ball, a little golf set, and blew bubbles and chased them.

The final phase was into the house for ice cream and cookies. We have an Echo Show that our children gave us for Christmas. Emma Grace, being 5 years old, is already experienced in talking to Alexa. The children were settled in and were eating their ice cream. Emma Grace began to ask Alexa to make sounds of different animals. Some of the sounds made the children laugh and their laughs and action got Granny and me involved. Little Alder would laugh so big the ice cream in his mouth would run out on his chin. It kept Granny busy wiping his chin. It was so much fun hearing all three of them laugh and enjoy being together. Emma Grace was the Master of Ceremonies and the life of the party.

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