FUNNY THINGS FROM YESTERDAY: He had to put his gun away

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

Some times I hear about someone else’s grandsons. I try to put that person in the limelight for a little while. I don’t use their names to protect the innocent.

Rudene has a good friend that she has known for several years. Sometimes they share war stories about their grandchildren. This is about one of the friend’s grandsons.

The era of the sixth finger gun had passed on. Some may not remember the sixth finger gun. It was a child’s toy gun that fit in your hand and your foe didn’t know you were packing a rod. Some say that they were outlawed, but others say some shot their fingers off and the company quit making them. Any way they are not available so boys have to improvise or go back to the old way -the hand as a gun. The first finger the barrel, the second finger the trigger and the thumb as the hammer.

The grandmother had dropped her grandson off early at kindergarten. This gave him some extra time on the playground. He stood close to the gate where the boys and girls came in to the area. He imagined they were rustlers coming on his ranch to rustle his cows. He knew he had to do something quickly to save his cattle. He pulled out his six shooter and started shooting some of the rustlers. Pow, he got one. Pow, he got another one.  But he had to get the leader to stop the raid.

A strong hand took hold of his shoulder and he thought the rustlers had him. But when he looked around it was one of the ladies at the kindergarten. She said, “Oh, we must not pretend to shoot the little children on the playground”. So, he raises the barrel of his six shooter up to his bottom lip and, poof, he blows the smoke away and slowly holsters his six shooter. After seeing this magnificent display of putting his gun away the kindergarten lady had a hard time keeping a straight face.

The lady at the kindergarten told the grandmother of this funny incident.

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