Funny Things from Yesterday: Granny

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

Rudene has been called Granny since Leanna, our first grandchild, was old enough to talk. Our Granny’s actions are like the actions of the Granny in the T.V. show “The Beverly Hillbillies.” She is quick to take charge where it’s needed and does a good job in it. She lets everyone know what to do and when to do it. Since she does this, I thought it would be good to teach Leanna how to say “Granny.”

Rudene and I planned our Sundays on a regular schedule of church, then we would prepare a Sunday meal for our family, so we could have a close-knit family. We have had this schedule until this day. But the present health scare has made us miss a lot of Sundays. We have had about three or four Sunday dinners in several weeks.

We have always tried to have a family meal in the month that we have birthdays. This way everyone has a birthday dinner with a cake and a birthday present. We celebrated a birthday for six members today. We had a wonderful time.

After Granny and I had a snack we started to prepare for our birthday dinner. We were very busy with a lot to do. As the old saying is, “We were as busy as a one-armed wallpaper hanger.” Granny was as busy as she could be and pulled the refrigerator door open and a small metal basket fell off the top of the refrigerator and hit her on the head. It scared her more than hurt her. She hollered, looked surprised and said, “That hurt.” It made me think of Chicken Little and the sky falling on him. I had a good laugh at the surprised look on her face.

After our meal we sat around and talked about old times. Robin told about a trip we were making on a hot day and I rolled all the windows down in the van using the master control switch. They fussed and wanted to know why I rolled the windows down. I told them that the air conditioner needed a rest. They didn’t like that answer. Then they noticed the fuel gauge and saw it was nearly on empty and they quit fussing about the air conditioner and started to worry about finding the next fuel stop.

Another incident they told about was a time we came through Atlanta and Rudene was driving. I had been driving and was tired and needed a little nap.

All at once Rudene threw her hands up in the air, slinging her arms and said, “I can’t do this.”

The kids were scared and cried out. I raised up off the seat and grabbed the steering wheel and got her to slow down and I pulled the car off the highway and took over the driving.

Memories bring lots of laughs.

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