Funny Things from Yesterday: 23 for lunch

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

This was the first lunch that we planned at our home since the pandemic hit town. We had been missing all the togetherness that we enjoyed with our complete family.

Our grandson, Trey, has taken a job in North Carolina and he was leaving at the end of the week. Up until now, our family of 23 people all lived within one hour driving distance. It is sad for me that they are leaving, but they need to do what is best for them.

Frances, my only sister, who is just older than me, called about eight o’clock in the morning and she was feeling depressed over her physical condition and being cooped up for so long. So I talked with her to try to cheer her up. I invited her and her husband Don to come to our house to have lunch with us. She accepted my invitation and I was very glad. When it was close to lunchtime, I drove out to their home and picked them up.

Since we now live in town our house is much smaller than the one we left in the country. We do, however, have another building with a large room that we use for our family meetings and meals. The room is composed of three tables and has enough room to seat our entire family together. Also in this room we have several toys for the great-grands.

As the ladies were putting the silverware on the tables and had the food on the food table ready to serve, Alder, who is 2 years old, decided he wanted to play golf with the little golf set. Having the toy taken from him threw him into a temper tantrum. He laid across the two steps that are at the entrance to the room and cried, screamed and kicked his feet. He really put on a good show.

After lunch we had more activities from the little ones but none as exciting as Alder’s. When I carried Frances and Don home, I asked her if the activities of the children’s noise, the loud conversations and laughter bothered her.

She said, “No, it was good to see all of us and especially the young children.”

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