Funny Things from Yesterday: Our 1st great-grandson

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

Our first great grandson is Crosby James Skipper. He is now 3 years old and a little boy who has an inquisitive mind. The other day he was watching a documentary program on mosquitoes and his mother wanted to change the channel, but Crosby insisted that she let him watch the program. He saw how the mosquitoes bite a person and much more information about the little pests. His little mind seems to absorb a lot of information.

We were visiting Robin and Danny Sunday afternoon and all the children were there. I have written before about his interest in knowing about snakes. As he says, “There are good snakes and there are bad snakes.” After a boat ride on the lake, we dropped Tyler, Crosby and Alder off at their home.

Not long after we got back to Robin’s house, Tyler sent us a picture of Crosby with a small black snake about as big around as a pencil and about 6 to 8 inches long in his hands. Crosby was smiling and letting the snake crawl around in his hands. He said, “This is a good snake.”

This is Crosby’s third year in Sonshine Preschool. One day at lunch they were getting ready to have the blessing. Crosby spoke up and said that he would say the blessing. The teacher did not know if he could but told him to say it. He said the “God is great, God is good” blessing all the way through. He surprises me with the things that he knows.

This past week the teacher would introduce a letter of the alphabet and tell them words that started with that letter. One day she used “M” and gave them words to go with it. The teacher told them monkey, mouse, mother, mountain and some others. When we asked Crosby what words started with “M” he repeated the words for us.

The next day they used the letter “C.” That afternoon Robin came by with the boys, and I asked Crosby what word started with the letter “C” and he pointed at himself with a big smile and said “Me.” I said, “No, Me starts with a “M.” I then asked him again, “What word starts with a “C?” Again, he pointed at himself and said, “Me.” Since I didn’t want to tease him further, I just let him spell Crosby as Me.

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