Funny Things from Yesterday: He is as tough as a pine knot

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

Our second oldest great-grandson is Alder, (“AB2” if you remember the simple way I had to have to remember our six greats). He will be 2 years old this month. He is a very tough little boy. He can fall flat on his face and get up with a smile on his face. He can bump his head on a cabinet door, and he doesn’t cry. He is, as people used to say, “He is as tough as a pine knot.”

Last Sunday he jumped off the couch and into the bookshelf. This split a little place on his lip and his mother sent a picture of his injury to a doctor she works with. He said it needed probably two stitches, but it would be very hard to do and be very traumatic. He also said he couldn’t use dissolvable stitches because his saliva would make them dissolve. So, they would have to hold him down to put in the stitches and again to take them out. His mother and daddy are both nurses, so they were able to stop the bleed at home.

The next morning his mother was driving Alder and his older brother Crosby (“C.J.” if you remember his easy name) to school and Alder bumped his mouth on his seat or his knee and his lip started to bleed. She carried C.J. on to school and dropped him off. She then stopped at a store and bought some liquid skin and said, “Come on, let’s go home.”

Alder has been a little slow to start his talking, but he has improved and added to his vocabulary. Another thing that he has added to his activities is to stomp his little foot when things don’t go his way.

When his mother said, “Let’s go home,” he stomped his foot and very emphatically said, “No, school. School.”

She had stopped the bleeding, but his shirt was covered with blood, so she bought a new shirt and started back to school. As they walked in the room at school, Alder said, “Hi, guys.”

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