Funny Things from Yesterday: Happy Birthday, Don!

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

I thought for today I would honor a longtime good friend. He and I went through pharmacy school together. He stayed on the east side of town at a place called the Block House and I stayed in a private home on the west side of town only five blocks from the pharmacy building. The home had two rooms rented to students. Two boys in each room. During the summer before our third year, my roommate married and moved out. Don moved in with me. In the summer between our third and fourth year, Don married, and I had a new roommate for the fourth year.


It seems that old Father Time keeps marching us on. But I am glad to still be among the marchers.

I remember the first time I saw you. We were taking entrance exams in a large room in one of the buildings at A.P.I., which was later renamed Auburn University. I was sitting next to some boy that lived just this side of Atlanta. I can’t remember his name, but he had a nice little blue Ford car. I saw you and said to the boy, “Look at that boy over there.” That boy was you. You were good looking, a slight tan face, a perfect black flat top haircut. I said to the boy, “He is a very intelligent person.”

I’m not making that up; it really happened.

I don’t remember when we first met but it has been a long, good friendship. When we were staying together at Mr. Robertson’s house, we would go out in the backyard to get a suntan. You would tan nicely, and I would blister. I just don’t tan.

One weekend you had been home and didn’t come Sunday night and I worried about you. When you arrived on Monday morning you had a different car because you had a breakdown on your car, and someone had to bring you another one.

You and Charlene married in the summer and I lost my best roommate, But I met a new good friend. I enjoyed the visits I had with you two at the place where you lived. If my memory is correct, I had a meal or two or more at your place.

Rudene and I remember other very good visits with you. When this pandemic is over, we want to do some more visiting with you.

In a lifetime, one has many acquaintances, but a friendship that lasts a lifetime is very special. Have a wonderful birthday.


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