Funny Things from Yesterday: Grandchildren are intelligent

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

As any grandparent knows nowadays, a grandchild is very intelligent. Some of the stories I hear about grandchildren are very interesting.

When Rudene was still gainfully employed, I went by her office to pick her up from work. There was a lady visiting her. This lady was a new grandmother, and I knew before she left the office that one of these two grandmothers would mention their grandbaby. I didn’t know who would make the first move, but I heard of two intelligent grandchildren before I left the office.

Mary’s little grandson was 1 year old. He was crawling and really getting around the house. When he would come to a potted house plant, he would shred the leaves off the plant and scatter them on the floor. His mother, in trying to break him of this habit, had paddled his diaper several times. This had made an impression on his mind, or on his behind, or both. The next time he was at Mary’s house he headed toward one of Mary’s plants and she thought, “Oh no.” But upon reaching the plant, instead of pulling the leaves, he looked back at his grandmother, reached his little hand back, spanked his diaper and moved away from the plant. That little boy is intelligent.

“Granny,” as our granddaughter calls Rudene, then related one of her stories about our intelligent little granddaughter.

Leanna may be a doctor when she grows up. She already gives advice to people on medicine to take. When she was 1 year old, she stayed with a lady in her home. One day the lady’s husband was sick in bed. When Leanna came to their house that day she went to his door and said, “Give him some Tylenol,” because that was what she takes for pain and fever.

The lady took two more little girls in to take care of. One little girl had a hard time adjusting and cried some for the first few days so Leanna told the lady to give her some Tylenol.

Grandchildren are intelligent today. They probably know more than I did by the third grade.

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