Funny Things from Yesterday: Locked in and locked out

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

When our daughter, Robin, was 4 years old and Robert, Jr. was a little over a year old we had a problem of one being locked in and the other one locked out. Rudene was the secretary at Seventh St. Baptist Church and we had Rudene’s young niece, Jean, keeping the children for us.

Jean was going out to hang out some clothes and she told Robin to stay in the house and watch over Robert, Jr. As Jean was hanging out the clothes Robin walked out to her.

She said to Robin, “You should be with your little brother to keep him from coming out.”

Robin said that he couldn’t get out for she had locked the storm door. This storm door had to be locked and unlocked on the inside. Jean got so excited she left Robert, Jr. locked in and crying, and Robin left out and crying because she couldn’t get to her little brother. Jean, in her excitement, left the children there by themselves and drove to the Church to get Rudene.

When Rudene got home and saw the situation she called Dale, my brother, to come down and see if he could open the door. He was unable to open it, so they had to go through the basement and up the steps to the hall door. That door had a small chain on it to keep the children from going down the basement steps. Finally, Dale had to remove the pins out of the hinges to open this door. All turned out OK, but it was an exciting experience and one that has never been forgotten.

Moving up to the present day there is a new experience of locked in and locked out. Our granddaughter Leanna and her husband Heath had this happen with the little twins.

Heath had just had a sinus operation and he could not lift the boys. Leanna bathed the boys, and while she was putting the bathroom in order Heath was to look after them. The little boys went into their room and in a little while the boys started to cry very loudly. They could hear that one was louder than the other one. When they went to check on them, they found the door locked.

Their doorknobs were the kind that had a little button in the middle and very easy to lock. There are no keys for this kind of lock. They tried to slide a card down between the lock and the door.

That didn’t work. What to do?!!

Heath finally had to take the knob off the door to get them out. The reason one boy’s crying was louder?  He was just in the bedroom. The other little boy was also locked in the room’s closet. This was a bad case of boys locked in and parents locked out. Boys will be boys.


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