Funny Things from Yesterday: The cardboard box

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

Leanna bought a nice toy box for the twins, Rhett and Vaughn, to store their toys in when they are not playing with them. The box is about 2 feet square and maybe 18 inches high. It has hand holes on the sides to make it easy to move.

Saturday afternoon she sent us a picture of the toy box with the boys standing in it. They seemed to think it was something to play with more than storing things in.

Seeing this picture reminded me of the time when Leanna, Tyler and Trey were little. We had a large cardboard box at our house.  I don’t know where it came from or what was in it, but these three children thought this was the grandest thing to play with. They would play hide and seek and one of them would hide in this box. When the one hidden in the box thought they were about to be found they would jump up and scream trying to scare the seeker.

Other times one would hide in the box and call Granny or me to come and find them. After a thorough searching and saying out loud, “Where can they be?” we would hear sniggering and then we would find them in the box. They would be so excited that it took us so long to find them.

Sometimes children play with the box more than the toy that was in the box.

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