Local woman leading chronological Bible study, almost 100 strong


CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman County has a reputation for being a Bible centric. One local woman felt a calling that a reputation for being a Bible-believing area wasn’t enough and has taken the lead in involving her community in a Bible study that is done chronologically.

Danielle Shedd has been involved in church her whole life. The seeds of Christianity that were planted long ago gave Shedd a purpose. That purpose led her to sharing her journey with other women who were also seeking a deeper connection with the Bible.

“It all started with me having a feeling and a calling to learn and have a better understanding of the Bible,” said Shedd. “First and foremost I wanted something that was literally just the Bible – not any changes. I wanted something that was in chronological order to help me to understand it; as you know the Bible was written by so many authors and can be a bit confusing. When you read it you can be thinking, ‘What in the world did I just read?’ I think that reading it in the order it happened will help with understanding.”

Studying the Bible chronologically places each book, chapter and verse in the estimated time period when it would have actually happened in biblical times. The books of the Bible are not arranged in any particular order and can be confusing to someone just embarking on their spiritual journey. For example, the New International Version believes the book of James has strong similarities with other books in the wisdom tradition, but it is typically placed within a group of letters, suggesting that it, too, should be read as a letter.

Shedd said she searched far and wide for a program that would help her meticulously comb through the texts of the gospel, finally landing on an online program that checked each box left open on her list.

“The program we are following is The Bible Recap with Tara-Leigh Cobble. It’s a study of reading the Bible in chronological order over the course of a year with videos that also help break it down and explain things further,” said Shedd. “For some reason I was pulled to this particular study; then the thought came to mind that doing life together is so much better. I decided to ask if anyone wanted to follow alongside and study with me to grow closer to God. The group of women rising up with me has now grown to almost 100 and it excites me so much to see so many women ready to grow deeper in love with God! We encourage each other, keep each other accountable, pray for each other and plan on meeting up maybe monthly to fellowship and talk about our studies.”

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