Funny Things from Yesterday: Another hearing problem

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

Rudene and I have lost our hearing. Both of us have high-dollar hearing aids, but on the telephone, we sometimes misunderstand what is being said.

Two weeks ago, a lady from church called and talked with Rudene for a few minutes and then Rudene turned to me and said that the lady wanted to talk to me about serving on a committee at church. I’m not much of one to serve on committees, but with what little I understood I said OK, but I would not be in charge. She said, “Oh, no, you won’t be in charge.” I wondered what the committee would do.

The day came for the meeting and we went to church. We had a meal that was prepared by Publix grocery store.  It was unusual to me for I had never seen a meal fixed that way. It came in a small box with all the ingredients inside and each person prepared their own sandwich.

This was a way to allow everyone to handle their own food and keep everyone safe. It was a good idea to serve the food this way and it was a big sandwich which was very filling. There was candy on the table which we were encouraged to eat, and it was good.

After the meal, four chairs were placed across the front of the room and the moderator called four people up front to sit on the chairs. I was one of the four. After the first two people spoke, I noticed that they spoke about the pandemic or something. I was not sure what the meeting was for. Then it was my time to speak. I apologized for not knowing what we were to speak on but said after my first meeting with the committee I hoped to know more about the things we would be involved with.

After the meeting, I found out that there was no committee or board and I was supposed to tell how the pandemic had affected us. I was the most embarrassed I have ever been in my life and felt like another man that had a similar experience but his was worse. He was an excellent speaker and made a fine speech one day. He had walked back and forth on the stage as he spoke. At the end of his speech he glanced down and noticed that his pants were unzipped.

He could blame his problem on his memory. I can blame my problem on mine and Rudene’s very poor hearing. If someone talks with me and I have a blank look on my face you will know that I could not hear well enough to understand what you have said. I hope people at the meeting don’t think I’m crazy by what I said.

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