Funny Things from Yesterday: Visiting with the children

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

Last Saturday we decided to defy the pandemic and go to visit our daughter and her family on the lake. All the members of her family, except Dana, were there. She had to work that day.

I will try to remember all their names and not use the code system I had to set up to remember so many little youngsters in one bunch.

They were all down at the lake when we arrived. Each one had a floating device or some kind of a new life jacket. Crosby (C.J.), Alder (A.B. 2), Rhett (no special name required for him), and I can’t remember the other one’s name but I call him “Little Harrison,” had on floating jackets with arm floating cuffs.

The two older boys, Crosby and Alder, were jumping off the dock into the water and an adult was there to hold them as they wiped the water off their face when they came up. The younger twins were just rigged up to float. None seemed to be afraid of the water.

After they finished their time in the water, we took a boat ride over a large area of the lake.

Then we dropped Tyler and his sons, Crosby and Alder, off at their home on the lake.

Returning to Robin’s house, we went in to have a meal: good barbecue sandwiches and ice cream and cake. After we ate we sat around and talked.

Crosby is only 3 1/2 years old, but he is very knowledgeable for his age. Robin told us about a “good snake,” as Crosby called it, that was in the yard and his mother sprayed it with the water hose to run it off. Mamie asked Crosby if the snake ran away when the water hit it.

Crosby immediately replied, “Mamie, snakes don’t have legs and a snake can’t run off. It just slithered off.”

We learn a lot from these little ones and we are always amazed at how much they know and share.

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