Funny Things from Yesterday: The twins visited us yesterday

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

We had a very pleasant surprise yesterday. Leanna brought the twins by for a visit. We had not seen them since Christmas. This pandemic has interfered with our family gatherings.

For many years, Rudene and I would have Sunday dinner at our home for the entire family.

But this pandemic has made a lot of changes. Now we are homebound except for Fridays. Friday is beauty parlor day and buying groceries day.

Last week, Rudene and I drove to Decatur just to get out of the house and see some new

scenery. Coming home we came down the old original Highway 31. It brought back memories. When I was 18 years old, I had driven a trailer truck up that highway carrying loads of poultry to Indiana and Illinois. Trucks were smaller then.

Now back to our two little great grandsons. These fellows are almost 22 months old. I was out in the garage when they came in. When I came into the house, I was very pleasantly surprised to see them. They were sitting in a full-sized dining chair at the table eating apple sauce. I could not believe they had matured that much.

After they had eaten their applesauce it was time for jellybeans. When Rudene and I stayed with the boys at their home, we would feed them at lunch. If we gave them a bite of something they didn’t like, it would go in their mouths and immediately it would come back out. One of the boys had eaten two or three jellybeans, then he got one he didn’t like. Immediately it came back out. The jellybean and a mouthful of saliva hit on the coffee table. Immediately his mother rushed to the kitchen for a paper towel. She cleaned it up and no harm done.

Next came the little book that has the guide for using the bathroom. It has the button that makes the sound of flushing a commode. They enjoyed playing with that for a while.

Boys will be boys. We love those little rascals and had a wonderful visit with them.

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