Funny Things from Yesterday : Drop me off at work and I’ll walk home

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

People need exercise. In this present day and age it seems that most folks just don’t take the time for a little much needed exercise. Just a good walk each day would benefit every able bodied person.

I’m sure that I am the world’s worst at not getting regular exercise. When we had a wood burning heater I would cut and split wood, but that was not regular. Any exercise needs to be done on a regular basis.

A few years back, in the summer, my sweet little wife Rudene and I would get up at 5:30 and take a mile or so walk. This was good exercise and made us feel good physically and mentally. We became lax about this in the winter months. It is awfully hard to pry a sleepy-headed woman out from under an electric blanket on a cold, winter morning – especially if it is an hour before she wants to get up.

Also a few years back when Rudene was working at the school board I would drop her off at her office after lunch and she would walk home in the afternoon. When I would drop her off, I would ask her if she would walk across the street or if I needed to drop her off at the front door of the building. Sometimes I had to drive around two blocks to drop her off at the front door.

As I have said before, sometimes I may not be too smart and this is one thing I just can’t figure out. How can a woman walk a mile and a half home after work, but can’t walk 100 feet across the street going to work?

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