Funny Things from Yesterday: Do you remember cherry-flavored Luden’s cough drops?

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

This is an article that I wrote several years ago.

Time marches on and lot of things change. Barbershops have changed considerably since I was a youngster. Years ago, it seemed that we would always go to the barbershop on Saturday afternoon and have to sit and wait and wait and wait. The barber would cut a head of hair and then holler, “Next!” But I guess those days are gone.

There are some things that I miss, and I’m glad of it. Do you remember how those old hair clippers would pull your hair occasionally, and the barber would groan because you flinched? Then he would almost break your neck turning your head so he would have a better angle to cut. That may be the reason I have arthritis in my neck now.

Nowadays, some barbers have you call ahead for a haircut. This makes me feel as if I am going to a beauty parlor, but you know many men do go to a beauty parlor and have a beautician style their hair. When I go, I get a haircut instead of a style and I wouldn’t be caught dead in a beauty parlor. Styles and beauty parlors aren’t my bag. A beauty parlor is just the thing for women, but not for me.

One barber I used would like to be called for an appointment, but I just went by early and if he had time to give me a haircut I would get one. If he was busy, I would come by another time. He also had women customers and had a hairdryer. He hired a lady to help him. This changed his shop some. She came in one morning while I was there, and she started washing brushes and poured some shampoo in some, and the fragrance was unusual.

The lady said, “That smells like cherry-flavored Luden’s cough drops.” She then said, “We used to eat them like candy.”

And you know there are probably a lot of us of that era who did.

Time passes on and it makes changes in our lives. I now go to a beauty shop to have my hair cut and styled. If you hear that I have passed on I might have been in a beauty shop chair having my hair styled with a Luden’s cough drop in my mouth.

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