Funny Things From Yesterday: Jogging suit and a bonnet

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

This is an article about modern trends and old traditions. 

A few years back many people had to walk when they were going somewhere. But as time moved on many people had a family car. Then from there we moved on until everyone in the family had to have a vehicle. So, walking went out of style. As time moved on, we needed to walk for exercise and keep our bodies fit.

In order to walk now, you have to have all kind of new garments. Walking shoes- you can’t

use jogging shoes to walk in for jogging and walking shoes are different. The man who sells walking shoes in our area almost makes each customer believe it is against the law to be caught walking in a pair of jogging shoes. I’ve heard of people being arrested for jogging in the buff, but never for walking in a pair of jogging shoes.

Another new item you now need is a jogging suit. You can either walk or jog in a jogging suit

for there seems no specific law on this. There is a problem when you buy one, however. Have you seen all the colors these things come in? You can spend all day trying to pick out the right color. Some match your eyes, some match your hair and some probably will match your complexion. But, matching your complexion you might get pulled over to be sure you are not in the buff.

Earlier this fall, I saw an elderly lady out walking in her nice new pink jogging suit. This was a modern trend for she had on a jogging suit, but she also held on to the old tradition of having on her old fashioned bonnet. The kind of bonnet that entirely covered her head, her ears, the back of her neck, and it even had a little bill to shade her eyes. All I could see was her little round face peering out from under her head covering. Modern trends were certainly not going to overcome her old traditions.

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