Funny Things from Yesterday: My birthday

Robert N. Tidwell, Sr.

We had a wonderful afternoon on October the 4th. The only thing that was wrong was that three of our family members were missing. Trey was on his way back to North Carolina to his new job, but he came by at noon before he left town and visited with us for a little while. Dana, who is one of the three nurses in our family, had to work. Will, who is one of the coaches at Locust Fork, had a football meeting at the school. Will came to our house about nine o’clock and visited for about an hour or so. We saw all except Dana.

This was only the second Sunday meeting that we have been able to have since the virus struck. For several years we had the family almost every Sunday for either a noon meal or a night meal. We have always enjoyed our family.

Granny and I came home from church, had a snack and then started cooking. By about 4, we had all the food prepared and then we had a rest period.

We had planned for all to be here at 5:30, but they trickled in up to about 6. We had a good meal, and everyone had gone outside to play some kickball before having dessert and gift opening.

Tyler, C.J.(Crosby) and I stayed inside since Tyler had not been able to eat with the rest of us since he had his hands full feeding his two little boys.

C.J. is 3 years old and very smart for his age. He was sitting at the table putting a puzzle together and he looked over at me and said, “It’s very quiet in here.”

I was surprised that a 3 year old would notice the quietness and say that.

I replied, “Yes, it is.” In another minute or two he said again, “It’s very quiet in here.” I was surprised that he would repeat his statement again.

Well, it was time for cake, ice cream and the happy birthday song. After the song

Crosby wanted to help me unwrap my presents, so he opened his family’s present first. He was proud of what they gave me. Robin’s family gave me a warm blue vest and a long-sleeve pullover sweater. Granny and Robin then wanted me to throw out the little jacket that I had when I was at Auburn. I wear it almost every day because it is lightweight and keeps me warm in the house. It’s hard to part with a favorite jacket. Anyway, it looks better than the ragged blue jeans that girls wear today.

Robert’s family gave me a nice blue sweat suit, and Leanna and Heath gave me a pretty picture of the twins. I had a very good birthday.

I guess you want to know how old I am. I will give you a hint. I was born in 19??.

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