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Thursday, July 29, 2021


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    ‘Truth in Nature is tight lines, steady aim and a cleansed heart’

    CULLMAN, Ala. - Truth in Nature held an educational day for the young men of the Cullman chapter Saturday, June 26. The first half...

    Day Trippin’: Gofar USA Park

    DECATUR, Ala. - The next stop on our series “Day Trippin’” is Morgan County’s GoFAR USA Park. This unique adventure park was opened in...

    Cullman Peach Orchard open for the summer

    HANCEVILLE, Ala. - The Cullman Peach Orchard is formally owned by Johnathon Clayton, but is largely a family business. His sister Anita Warner explained...

    Keeping safe while working out, summer training

    WASHINGTON D.C. – People who exercise in extreme heat are more likely to become dehydrated and develop a heat-related illness.  If you plan to exercise...

    Smith Lake Park Fireworks and Music Festival sees successful 2021 return

    CULLMAN COUNTY, Ala. - Smith Lake Park was packed with visitors Sunday for its annual fireworks and music festival. While many took to the...

    Chambers Fall Festival in the works for September

    CULLMAN, Ala. - On Sept. 25, Chambers Farm & Garden Supply will be hosting a fall festival for the entire community. The event will...

    Taking the American Challenge

    HOLLY POND, Ala. - The east Cullman County town of Holly Pond has spent a few days hosting students and leaders from bicycle tour...

    Four ways Fourth of July fireworks can harm our pets

    NEW YORK, N.Y. - The Fourth of July is just a day away! While many of us may want to kick back and enjoy...

    365 AMERICAN JOY-GIVERS for 2021: The Greatest Birthday Party on Earth

    “Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages…welcome to “The Greatest Birthday Party on Earth!” The circus is about to begin!  Let our joy-givers lead you...

    Files from yesteryear: From the files of 1951

    Mr. and Mrs. Collidge Hughes and Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Hughes visited Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Woodard, in Haleyville on Sunday.  Reverend Lewis Eidson is...
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