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Sunday, September 27, 2020

    Files from Yesteryear: 1900, 1950

    From the Files of 1900: Alvin Ahlrichs has purchased the Cullman Telephone Exchange and the office will be moved to the Protest Building. Arrangements have also been perfected whereby connection can be made with the long distance telephone. L.B. McCillan of Cooper, Texas is visiting Cullman’s...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1936, 1950

    From the Files of 1936: Everyone is disappointed that schools are closing from lack of funds. Students will not be promoted. Misses Opal Lee and Virginia Grob, students at Judson College, are spending the spring holidays in Cullman. Miss Gladys Tankersley became the bride of Mr. William...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1902, 1936

    From the Files of 1902: Searcy Johnson is now operating the telegraph office at the depot at night. Misses Claude Allred and Maude Jones visited in Hanceville this week. Doctor Carol Henckell and children and Dwight Fuller visited the Magic City on Wednesday. Hope Ogletree returned to Milam...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1932, 1952

    From the Files of 1932: Inez and Bertie Young spent Saturday night with their sister, Mrs. H.J. Mize. Attending the quilting at Mrs. Henry Mobley’s on Tuesday afternoon were Mrs. Ava Smith, Mrs. Hazel Gentry, Mrs. Verla Mobley, Mrs. Annice Carden, Mrs. Johnny Stewart, Mrs. H.W....

    Files from Yesteryear: 1908, 1932, 1933

    From the Files of 1908: The county teachers institute was held at Joppa with County Superintendent D.V. Smith presiding. Cullman has secured the county high school, subscribing something over $4,500 for the building fund. The Circuit Court ended with a mistrial in the case of Wes and...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1902, 1932

    From the Files of 1902: Mrs. Louis Nebrig of Garden City was seriously injured when a wild cow hooked her down and trampled her in the ground. Quil Griffith is attending law school in Lebanon, Tennessee. The total number of voters registered in Cullman County is 4,231. A...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1902, 1952

    From the Files of 1902: J.A. McMinn has just opened a full line of groceries at his old stand. A.W. Lancaster has gone to Falkville to see his brother-in-law, who is reported dangerously ill. Miss Eliza Weatherford, who was formerly central in the local Telephone Exchange, was...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1933, 1952

    From the Files of 1933: Miss Blanche Linton was married to Mr. Paul Burks at the Vinemont Baptist Church. Miss Miriam Boyd of Hartford and Rayburn J. Fisher of Cullman, were married on Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S.P. Faucett, Junior in...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1904, 1933, 1934

    From the Files of 1904: E.M. Brundridge left Tuesday for the Lone Star State. G.S. Leeth and Bob Lee returned from Saint Louis on Tuesday. Each one had purchased a car load of mules for their customers. J.T. Morgan’s sawmill at Clarkson is now in operation. From the...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1904, 1954

    From the Files of 1904: Married Sunday at 3 p.m. were Miss Addie Smith and Wiley Burks. C.W. Holmes, formerly of Unity is now a businessman of Bearden, Indian Territory. Good citizens never fail to vote. Next Tuesday will be Election Day. H. Styles, of Glade, was in...