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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

    Files from Yesteryear: 1936

    From the files of 1936: Ralph H. Sanders is the new minister at the First Christian Church in Cullman. He is a native of Savannah, Georgia. Mr. and Mrs. Bertis Rascoe are building a new home in West Cullman. From January 1, 1935 to June 30, 1935,...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1900, 1930

    From the files of 1900: Miss Fannie Watts of Etha is attending music school at Holly Pond. D.E. Jones is postmaster at Jones Chapel. The sixth annual session of the West Cullman Singing Convention was held at Bethlehem West on August 3, 4 and 5. J.M. Wilks presided....

    Files from Yesteryear: 1900, 1950

    From the files of 1900: The weather this week is the warmest of the season. E. Hauk is having a well drilled on his lot on First Avenue East. Miss Pearl Petters of Birmingham is the guest of Mrs. P.B. Arnold. Sweet potatoes are being shipped at the...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1930, 1950

    From the files of 1930: Professor and Mrs. R.P. Johnston spent last weekend in Nashville with relatives. The Cullman Baptist Association will meet, with Etha Baptist Church, on October 28-30. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Boschung spent Sunday in Jasper. The recent school census shows 752 people in Cullman...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1900, 1930, 1950

    From the files of 1900: Vick Clark is among the clerical force at the Racket Store. Ed Daniel has opened a restaurant in the old Speegle store building. George Parker, Junior, went to Montgomery to witness a street fair yesterday. E.E. Burnum, of West Morgan, is visiting his...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1950

    From the files of 1950: Henry Ford Turner of Hanceville is working on his doctorate at the University of Alabama. Three men were arrested, on Sunday, at Beech Grove, after store owner, L.A. Lynn was found lying under his porch, beaten. He was robbed of $200.00. Mr....

    Files from Yesteryear: 1936, 1950

    From the files of 1936: Congressman-elect, Luther Patrick of Birmingham will speak at the Cullman County Courthouse on Saturday afternoon at two o’clock. It is a meeting of the Roosevelt Club and a Democratic Rally for Cullman County. The L.O. Brock family is building a new...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1932, 1933

    From the files of 1932: Miss Mildred Kinney was hostess at the Entre Amies meeting Thursday evening. The Fidelity Club met recently with Misses Marie and Madge Smith. Mrs. Geo Wunderlich was hostess to members of Symphony this week. Four letter men from last year’s team are on...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1902, 1932

    From the files of 1902: Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Crider, formerly of Loretto, now of Jefferson County, were visiting friends here last week. Mrs. Casper Arnold, 58, died in a Birmingham hospital on November 12, following two operations. Married Wednesday were Miss Jennie Burnum and D.W. McGlathery. C.C....

    Files from Yesteryear: 1952

    From the Files of 1952: Mr. and Mrs. Howard Horton of Hanceville were guests on the Bud Collyer, Toni Break the Bank Television program. They won the $2,530 jackpot. Mrs. Horton is the former Mildred Gladney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Gladney. Mr. Horton...