Files from yesteryear: 1900, 1930, 1950


From the files of 1900 

M. Dickerman has purchased the sawmill, belonging to W. Turney, near Vinemont.  

Doctor W.A. Barclift, of Hartselle, is having a cottage erected on the bluff, overlooking the Vinemont railroad station and will use it as a summer home.  

Mrs. M.W. Howard stopped in Cullman, this week, on her return from Kentucky, where Mr. Howard has been making campaign speeches.  

John F. Knight went to Birmingham on Wednesday to meet Mrs. Knight, who has just returned from Canada. They will reside here.  

The length of public schools in this county will be increased this year from three to four and one-half months.  

The Tribune-Gazette this week goes to a seven-column paper, from a six-column.  

Probate Judge, S.L. Fuller has received warrants for 253 disabled Confederate soldiers and widows of deceased soldiers, which he will distribute.  

From the files of 1930 

Byron Ashwander, of Hanceville, purchased the first “A” automobile license in this county on October 1st, according to Probate Judge, Homer F. Mitchell. The tag is number A 103 -301 and will be used on a Ford coach.  

George Ashwander, of Hanceville, purchased the first “B” tag for his Dodge sedan and Alton McBrayer purchased the first truck tag for his Ford truck.  

At the B.P.W. benefit “Bug” party, on Thursday, Miss Mamie Hoelscher won first prize and Miss Margaret Schlosser and Miss Gertrude Ziegler second and consolation.  

Mrs. M.J. Duke was seriously injured, on Friday morning, when she fell from the back doorstep at her home.  

Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Norton entertained on Friday evening, honoring their son, Willie, on the anniversary of his birth.  

W.L. Guthrie and son, Thurman spent Sunday in Sipsey as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Johnson.  

Among those attending the state fair in Birmingham this week were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hill and Miss Gertrude Hill, Casper Mages and Miss Betty Mages, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Rainey, Hartwell Speegle, Miss Sophie Schneider, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Leeth and children and Miss Thelma Kinney.  

The Cullman Bearcats won their opening game of the season, by defeating Fairview, 12 to 0.  

Charley Bilgero, who underwent an operation in Birmingham last Thursday is reported to be resting well, at this time. 

From the files of 1950 

Charley Dewberry, age 3, was killed at Liberty Grove, when he fell into a neighbor’s boiling pot of water, where they were killing hogs.  

Mr. and Mrs. Fonzie Gregory, Mr. and Mrs. Oran Holmes and Lowell Holmes were baptized at the John R. Holmes pond last week.  

The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Aldridge, of Piney Grove, severely cut his leg on a pile of sawdust. It required several stitches.  

Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Bontrager have a new daughter, Barbara Kay, born on September 26th.  

Mrs. Lonnie Rice, of Hanceville, rode the Greyhound bus to Birmingham last Monday.