Files from yesteryear: 1937

(files from yesteryear)

From the files of 1937


August 26, S.S. Abbott, 59, to Mollie Murray, 50.

August 27, Otice L. Jones, 20, to Sarah Tankersley, 21.

August 28, Meredith McKleroy, 18, to Clara Pettus, 16, Lemmuel M. Brock, 67, to Anna Harben, 59 and Bernice B. Calvert, 24, to Pernell Blalock, 16.

August 29, Roy D. Booth, 31, to Wilma Rodgers, 18.

August 30, R.L. Trimble, 58, to Rose Rodd, 43.

Mrs. Bonnie Allison of Guntersville, Mississippi is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Allison.

Doctor and Mrs. Jack Fisher of Greenville are the guests of Doctor Fisher’s mother, Mrs. Q.M. Fisher. Doctor Fisher is the County Health doctor of Butler County.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Sterling and daughters, Anita, Bettie, Nan and Joan spent Tuesday at Lacey Springs.

Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Edwards and children are spending this week in South Alabama.

Rene Martin and John Sterling spent Tuesday at Town Creek.

Joe Sapp and Fred James went to Lacey Springs on Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Lummus were the weekend guests of Mrs. Lummus’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Grayot. Mr. Lummus is now located at Tupelo, Mississippi.

Miss Rickie Ziegler spent Tuesday in Birmingham.

Mrs. Larry Young (nee Sadie Weeks) and daughter, Shirley, of Cincinnati, Ohio, arrived Monday for a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Julius McMinn, Charles McMinn, Nettie Sclosser and Miss Daisy Quattlebaum spent last weekend in Iron City, Tennessee.

Misses Barbara Peck Ilene and Elizabeth Blair, of Hartselle, were guests of friends here on Tuesday.

Miss Theda Weeks has returned from a visit to friends in Florence.