Files from yesteryear: 1937


From the files of 1937


Hanceville – J.R. Edmondson, Principal, James Cooper, Frances Fraser, Joe Ray, Dixie Christian, Beatrice Alexander, Mrs. Lucille Rowell, Beulah Caudell, Elton Dalier, Ray Jones, Luise McCreary, Pearl R. Gaines, Rafel Cooper, Lewis Fanning – Assistant Principal, Mrs. D.B. Lamont, Mrs. Emmie Smith, Evelyn Winn, Mrs. Juanita D. Ryan, Mrs. Homer Thigpen, Mrs. Iris B. Trimble and Mrs. Lillian Burgess.

Center – T.L. Belcher, Principal, Mrs. May S. Dean, Mrs. T.L. Belcher and Mrs. Ginerva Armstrong.

Mountain Grove – T.C. Smith, Principal.

Oak Grove – Leonard York, Principal and Marie Smith.

Good Hope – D.E. Ryan, Principal, Mary Joe Gross, Raymond Hammock, Gladys Martin, Mrs. Evelyn Ponder, Mrs. Necie Belle Cranford, Kate Tillery and Clara Love.

Center Hill – Guy Hodge, Principal, Mrs. Dennis Chandler and Mrs. Jewell B. Duffey.

Trimble – Curtis Lovvorn, Principal, Mrs. Gladys H. Jordan and Mrs. Vadua Lovorn.

Valley Grove – Mrs. Nona B. Wallace, Principal and Opal Oliver.

Garden City – Kermit Johnson, Principal, Mrs. Mary Ellen Kupinse, Herman Livingston, Ethel Teem, Eunice Burnham and Mrs. T.C. Smith.

Dowling – J.M. Mauldin, Principal, Arnold Leak, Mrs. Ruby H. Roden, Mildred Gladney, Mrs. Mauvelene L. Morgan, Ola McBee, Mrs. Ethel T. Brown, Lou Tillery, Gladys Hale and Mrs. Vilas F. Sandlin.

Ebenezer – Chesley Chaney, Principal, Madge Smith and Marjorie Christian.

Battleground – J.W. Curtis, Principal, Roy Bradford, Gladys Bean, Marzee Hendrix, Hazel Reid and Edith Bradford.

Cold Springs – Cranford Burns, Principal, R.L. Yielding, Mrs. Winifred M. Ford, M.D. Jasper, Bessie Mae Young, Tommie Lee Holmes, Theodore Hegenbarth, Lena Hagerty, Alta Hyatt, Pauline Camp, Rubye Brown, Vetra Barran, Opal Cooper – Assistant Principal, Mrs. M.D. Jasper, Claudia Hulsey and Marie Burgess.

Logan – Ray Brown, Principal, Mrs. Sarah W. Entrekin, Mary Ellen Winn, Nellie Livingston, Bessie Teem and Mrs. Ethel Leak.

Grandview – Harmon Jones, Principal, Mrs. Corinne E. Ballard, Mrs. Margaret S. Glenn and Mrs. Montez Jones.

West Point – O.B. Hodges, Principal, Thomas M. Pruitt, Margaret Horton, Mrs. Nell Jordan, Marvin Royster, Mrs. Isola Whitaker, Lula Mae Taylor, Marion Speegle, Mrs. Stella Bradford, Lois King, Challie Hughes, Mary Keaton, Mrs. Birdie Le Bobo, Lyda Wilkerson, Nell Teem and Mrs. Estelle Hendrix.


October 27 – Buford Carl Jones, 21, to Earline Carton, 18 and James J. Moore, 31, to Theresa Leva Graveman, 26.

October 28 – William E. Sullivan, 22, to Mamie Treadaway, 17.

October 29 – Odell Best, 22, to Dora Harper, 21 and Louis Lay, 23, to Zella Moore, 22.

October 30 – Milford Hardon, 21, to Lavern Butler, 19; Hugh D. Banks, 21, to Opal Banks, 18; Deward Rainey, 22, to Vida Lee Medlock, 20; Harrison F. Reeves, 26, to Sibyl Glasscock, 18; William Harvey Turner, 27, to Ruby Bryant, 18 and Pherson Edward Vaughn, 28, to Beulah Perkins, 31.

October 31 – A.S. Johnson, 32, to Sarah F. Wood, 29.

November 1 – Robert W. Holeman, 24, to Essie Mae Winkle, 16.

November 2 – Coleman Glasscock, 20, to Willie Mae Smith, 21.