Files from Yesteryear: 1908, 1932, 1933


From the Files of 1908:

The county teachers institute was held at Joppa with County Superintendent D.V. Smith presiding.

Cullman has secured the county high school, subscribing something over $4,500 for the building fund.

The Circuit Court ended with a mistrial in the case of Wes and Will Chapman for the murder of John May.

Miss Alfrieda Ahlricks entertained a small circle of friends on Saturday evening with a dinner in honor of Mrs. Carl Hartung of Crawford, Tennessee.

From the Files of 1932:

The minds of people are filled with confidence after President Roosevelt was elected President. A crisis existed at the time he took over. No time has been wasted in setting up plans to bring our country back to normal, without waiting for things to happen. Plans are being made to move forward with the New Deal.

From the Files of 1933:

Mayor M.L. Robertson will be one of the guests of honor at the Air Carnival in Birmingham, on June 3-5.

From Cullman 68 cars of strawberries have been shipped and from Hanceville, 29 cars, by L and N Railroad. Also many more have gone out from the county by highway truck.

The Cullman Band, directed by Pat Bria, will give a concert in the park on May 26 at 8:00 p.m.

Two hundred gallons of home brew and wine were confiscated by Sheriff Jones on Thursday.

Fifty farmers from Fayette visited Cullman County on Friday.

Miss Margaret Mages is spending several weeks in Gulfport, Mississippi with Mrs. E.M. Schimitt.

Miss Alice Marie Bieker is visiting her brother, Joe Bieker and Mrs. Bieker in Boaz.

The twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fuller spent Friday in Birmingham.

Postmaster J.E. Sutterer spent Wednesday in Jasper.

Mrs. Chas Camp and Miss Gertrude Ziegler have returned from the State

B.P.W. Convention in Birmingham. They were delegates from the Cullman Club.

Attending a Knights of Pythias Convention in Montgomery this week are W.E. James and Willy Abt.

Entre Amies were hostesses on Saturday at the J.A. Dunlap residence honoring members of the Coterie at a tea.

At the 24th annual commencement at Cullman High, Melvin Hyatt and Jessie Keller received the Balfour medal presented each year to the most outstanding member of the graduating class. In the past, one member of the class has received it. However, the faculty voted unanimously that these two students share the honor this year.

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