Files from yesteryear: 1934, 1937


From the files of 1934   

Little Mary Landel Carr has been quite ill at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Carr.  

Doctor and Mrs. J.G. Daves have returned after a week in San Antonio, Texas.  

Martin Burks is recovering from an operation which he underwent in a Birmingham hospital, last Saturday.  

The Science Club at Cullman High School presented the assembly program on Wednesday. Participating were Luther Hinds, Freda Crow, Leldon Singleton, George Stiefelmeyer, Vivian Gibbs, Esther Meyer and Margaret Heitmueller.  

Mrs. Dewitt Dye is ill in a Decatur. 

Miss Gertrude Ziegler attended a Farm Bureau meeting in Nashville this week.  

The Carroll twins, Willie and Nelle spent Saturday in Birmingham.  

From the files of 1937 

Charles, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Grantham, of Hanceville, who was residing in Missouri, died of meningitis last week.  

Members of the new Beta Club Chapter at Hanceville School include: Bennett Abercrombie, Ruby Ashwander, Rubye Lee Glaze, Frank Jennings, Pauline Whaley, Marjorie Yongue, Marjorie Howell, Kathleen Howell and Lucille Harris. Miss Caudell is sponsor.  

The 4 -H Club officers at Bolte are: Louvella West, Thelma Hicks, Audrey Brown, Dorothy Tipton, Dorothy Rigsby, Evelyn Waits, Flora Duke and Mildred Sullenger.  

Gold Ridge P.T.A. officers are: president – Mrs. H.T. Bentley, vice president – Mrs. Cleoh Murphree, secretary – Mrs. Myrtle Barnett and reporter – Mrs. Tressie Golden.  

Pauline Mina Hecht Pitzing (Mrs. Ernest Ferdinand Pitzing’s wife since February 6, 1886, until he died three years ago) was born on January 12, 1868, and died on December 3, 1937. She is survived by eleven children, two sisters, twenty -four grandchildren and two great – grandchildren.  


December 1st  

John Stracener, 26, to Mary Etta Boyd, 18.  

December 2nd  

Buford Burrow, 19, to Ruthie Glenn, 18.  

December 3rd  

G.W. Clapp, 56, to Vernie Willingham, 21; Otis E. Staples, 22, to Ruth Yates, 19; A.E. White, 27, to Gladys Mae Ryan, 23; Luna Baker, 21, to Beulah Whitaker, 25; Claud Thomas Peek, 23, to Mildred Warren, 23 and Louie Rennett, 26, to Cora Kennedy, 20.  

December 4th  

Berlie Guthrie, 19, to Mae Cook, 14; Francis Milton Parker, 23, to Nellie Olean Phillips, 20; Carl Fowler, 17, to Ina Bell Washburn, 18; Pleas McDowell, 24, to Della Wilson, 24; Hulett Gilley, 21, to Rachel Armstrong, 18; Thomas Quinn, 20, to Alene Williams, 18; Cecil Brock, 26, to Vaudie Bennefield, 25 and John Dorman Pope, 25, to Louise Penn, 20.