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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

    Files from yesteryear: From the files of 1954

    Mrs. Icie Rowe Alley will receive a masters from the University of Alabama on Friday. Richard Johnston and Gloria Florence will be awarded bachelor degrees. Last week’s Mystery Farm was an easy one to identify. A dozen people called in rapid succession to identify it...

    Do you remember? The Martin Twin

    The year was 1966 and a young heartthrob, Sean Connery, had recently returned as 007 James Bond in “Thunderball.” Shortly after the movie’s release, the Martin Theatre opened in Cullman. Located next to the Cullman Shopping Center on Loring Street Northwest, the new theater...

    Do You Remember? Dipper Dan

    CULLMAN, Ala. - Many remember the white chairs with the red heart backs and red seats when reminiscing about visiting the Dipper Dan Ice Cream Shop. It was also the place that hosted the greatest of birthday parties with the birthday boy or girl...

    Do You Remember? The Globe

    It was “the place to be” back in the 50s and 60s to meet your friends, take your date, show off your car or celebrate a victory after the big game. Young people flocked there to cruise and gab after grabbing a cherry coke,...

    History of Blount Springs: Historian Greg Burden speaks at Cullman County Public Library

    CULLMAN, Ala. – Blount Springs was a thriving community in the past when the Jackson House (or the Blount Springs Hotel) was open for business and drew in thousands of visitors, noticeably ones like U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt and famous U.S. actress Lillian Russell....

    Wallace State professor uncovers lost Civil War history    

    HANCEVILLE, Ala. - Leading up to Black History Month, the just-released Winter 2020 issue of Alabama Heritage Magazine has as its cover story “’Fighting for Freedom’: Alabama’s USCT Soldiers.” The article tells of the escaped slaves from the Tennessee River Valley who joined the United States...

    ‘Dowling was a huge part of Crane Hill’s identity’

    CRANE HILL, Ala. - The yearly reunion of Dowling Junior High School students was held Saturday in Crane Hill at Dowling Memorial Park, the site of the old school. Former classmates came out to reminisce about their times at their junior high school and...

    The people behind the Hay People

    CULLMAN, Ala. - Each fall, Cullmanites mark the times with colorful mums around downtown, and the annual appearance of the hay people is a public reminder that Oktoberfest is almost here. The two practices share a common origin.  In 1999, Cullman residents Pat and Philip...

    67-County Alabama Garden Party: Escambia County

    The Cullman Tribune is celebrating the Alabama Bicentennial (1819-2019) with statewide field reporting by Alabama Master Gardener/Botanical Artist Ben Johnson South. This year-long feature, “The 67-County Alabama Garden Party,” will spotlight different counties each week. Each county will get its own “quilt block,” along...

    Senior Spotlight: Ruth Brigham, pt 2

    In 1951, Harold and Ruth Brigham moved their young family from Washington D.C. to Cullman County. They would call Hanceville home and eventually have a third child, Tim. Once their children were old enough to attend school, Ruth would go to work as a...