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Friday, April 16, 2021

    Local farm preserves family heritage

    W.C. Mann
    Melanie Glasscock tends the cattle on the farm that has been in her family since the 1800s. HOLLY POND/BERLIN - Melanie Glasscock is a busy lady.  She is a full-time instructor at Wallace State, where she teaches biology and poultry science.  In her spare time,...

    Saturday Event Guide- Oct. 8

    It's a jam-packed October Saturday! We've highlighted many of the fun events going on around the area. Events are listed below, but be sure to click on the links for full details! Have a great weekend! ☼ Oktoberfest 2016: Sacred Heart School Street Sale and Festival https://tockify.com/cullmansense/detail/144/1475924400000 ☼...

    Thanksgiving Countdown Corner Nov. 15: Freezing desserts for Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving Countdown Corner Nov. 15 By making your cakes, pies and cookies ahead of time you can save literally hours of work. Most cakes freeze very well, in fact, some experts advise freezing them any time, because the icing seems to go on so much...

    Thanksgiving Countdown Corner Nov. 16: Welcoming your guests

    Loretta Gillespie
    Known as both Osage oranges and common horse apples, these lime green beauties fall from the tree just around Thanksgiving and make wonderful decorations. They last about a month outside, longer if the weather is cold.   Thanksgiving Countdown Corner Nov. 16:  So far, if you have...

    ‘We do it as a gift to the community’: Haynes Farms in Simcoe plants field of sunflowers for all to enjoy

    SIMCOE, Ala. - Sunflowers, also known as the “happy” flowers, have a knack for sparking joy and creating smiles. That is what the Haynes family hopes the fields of sunflowers they planted along Alabama Highway 69 in Simcoe bring for passersby. The sea of...

    Dead End Haunted Trail promises frighteningly good time

    Take a drive down to 191 County Road 741 and you’ll see an unpaved road that leads to a “dead end” sign; keep driving and you’ll find a fenced area with what looks to be an abandoned hiking trail. When approaching the trail and exploring with a...

    Files from Yesteryear: 1934, 1954

    From the Files of 1934: Spencer Speegle, who is attending summer school at A.P.I., spent the weekend at home. Miss Lola Beth Francisco, of Nashville, Tennessee is the guest of Miss Margaret Deppe. Miss Susan Christian is enrolled at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, for the summer....

    Dodge City seniors earn state medals at the Masters Games

    DODGE CITY, Ala.- The Dodge City Senior Center earned a few bragging rights recently after competing in this year’s Masters Games of Alabama in Valley, Alabama. The center’s representatives brought home several medals, including two state champion ones in Rook. Dodge City Senior Center President...

    Addison set for annual 4th of July celebration

    ADDISON, Ala. – The annual Independence Day celebration in Addison kicks off Thursday, July 4 at 10 a.m. Several activities are planned throughout the day. The festivities begin with a parade to go through the town at 10 a.m.  Following the parade, event goers...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: It scared his mule

    If you have ever heard the expression, “It scared my mule,” you probably wondered where it came from and what it means. I have a theory on this expression. The expression probably started when people used a horse or a mule and buggy for transportation....