Local area business spotlight: Hippie Hill Homestead

Left to right are Logan Guthery, Nellie Guthery and Jayden Guthery. (Jayden Guthery)

DANVILLE, Ala. – Jadyen Guthery is a mother, wife, homemaker and now a small business owner. As if her time wasn’t occupied enough with her 2-year-old daughter, Nellie, she and her husband have turned their brood of small backyard farm animals into a business, stemming from Guthery’s desire to live a cleaner, more natural and less chemically processed life. 

“I have been a hippie my whole life. I’ve always loved the outdoors, animals, nature, plants and all things tie-dye. I’ve studied herbs since I was about 16 and I’ve used herbs and herbal remedies on my family ever since,” Guthery said.

Beginning her journey with herbal remedies and agents at a young age, Guthery is no stranger to seeking alternative methods of relief for her pains and problems. From early adolescence and plagued with hormonal imbalances and, in general, being an unwell child, Guthery grew tired of medications and treatments that had been offered to her by traditional practitioners. 

“I was a sick kid; I was always at the doctor with things that none of them could explain. When I hit my teens, I had horrible hormonal imbalances which caused me a great deal of symptoms and problems,” she said. “I knew there had to be a better way. I researched and found possible herbal remedies; I was up to try anything at that point. I was shocked that it actually worked, then that opened a whole door, and I wanted to be so knowledgeable in every herb and plant and their uses for the body.”

Growing up in Cullman, Guthery said she has always loved the country feeling and has been a self-proclaimed hippie since birth. Running barefoot through the trees and chewing on honeysuckle was nothing new to her, but as she got older, she began her family and, she said, started seeing the effects of toxic household products in her home. Looking for an avenue to rid her home and life of the indecipherable ingredients and warnings, Guthery turned to what she knew: herbs.

Beginning with small changes in her own home, Guthery was looking at alternative options to most of the household items, replacing toxic, chemical-laden products with cleaner, herbal and natural offerings. Starting with the small changes like soap and swapping traditional cleaners for more natural options, Guthery was on a roll. Soon, homemade soaps, cleaning products and natural remedies were all on her menu of available items. 

At first, her only orders were from friends and family members, but after a time, her husband’s coworkers, their wives and their wives’ friends were all on board with the all-natural products and remedies Guthery was producing. When she was able to see the overwhelming market for natural, locally made products, Hippie Hill Homestead was born.

“We wanted to offer nontoxic products, beauty products, herbal remedies and farm-grown and raised goodies and vegetables. I wanted to make products that people knew that when they were putting it on or in their body that it is nontoxic, chemical-free, and simple ingredients,” Guthery said. 

Hippie Hill Homestead is a small-time, family owned farm in Danville, offering a plethora of herbal and natural remedies for many of life’s typical aches, pains and inconveniences. Its extensive range of natural products and remedies is targeted at many everyday needs – a beef tallow body butter to soothe eczema breakouts, herbal teas to calm minds and magnesium spray to aid restful sleep are all products that Guthery spends her time creating.

Hippie Hill Homestead can be reached at 256-620-5748 or https://tinyurl.com/hippiehillhomestead.

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