Dodge City seniors earn state medals at the Masters Games

Left to right are Sherrell Johnson, Ann Rice, Harold Thompson and Judy Thompson. (Courtesy of Vicki Ogletree)

DODGE CITY, Ala.– The Dodge City Senior Center earned a few bragging rights recently after competing in this year’s Masters Games of Alabama in Valley, Alabama. The center’s representatives brought home several medals, including two state champion ones in Rook.

Dodge City Senior Center President Ann Rice and her Rook partner Sherrell Johnson won three out of three games and captured first place in the state of Alabama for their age group (75-79).

When asked how it felt to be a state champion, Rice laughed and said, “No different.”

Rice and Johnson had an interesting journey to the top.

“When we went to Huntsville (district) we just won by luck. If you don’t follow the rules, you get disqualified,” said Rice. “The couple that played against us, the lady got the bid. You are supposed to discard five cards, OK. We played the game and she didn’t have a card left when we were supposed to play our last card. She had discarded six instead of five. You couldn’t talk or (any)thing. You had to raise your hand like the teacher come to you in school and so she said, ‘OK, y’all win. They’re disqualified.”

The next group was also disqualified for not playing the bird when the rules required.

Rice continued, “The man said, ‘Oh, I made a mistake. I didn’t play the bird.’ (So they said,) ‘You’re disqualified, they’re the winners!’ So, that’s how we won, so no, we don’t have the big head.”

Rice and Thompson did win the three games at state without help from disqualification.

Harold and Judy Thompson also competed in the Masters Games. Harold Thompson placed third in horseshoes, Nerf ball and Frisbee in his age division. Both earned walking medals.

The Dodge City seniors meet every Tuesday at the senior center next door to Dodge City Town Hall. Games and activities begin at 9 a.m. and lunch is served at 11:30.

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, the center will celebrate with a fun Halloween party. The men will be competing in a womanless beauty contest and all are encouraged to wear their best Halloween costumes. There will be games, prizes and tons of fun.

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