Thanksgiving Countdown Corner Nov. 15: Freezing desserts for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Countdown Corner Nov. 15

By making your cakes, pies and cookies ahead of time you can save literally hours of work. Most cakes freeze very well, in fact, some experts advise freezing them any time, because the icing seems to go on so much better.

But you can even freeze iced cakes, in most cases. And there are several pies that freeze beautifully, in addition to cookie dough and other pastries.

Bake your cake according to directions. Cool thoroughly on a wire rack. Transfer to a piece of cardboard cut for this purpose. You can cover the cardboard with aluminum or plastic wrap to prevent sticking.

Place in refrigerator to get it cold. At this point, if you want to freeze the cake with icing, you should prepare icing while cake is refrigerated, then ice when cake is cold.

There are boxes at discount stores in the wedding section that hold cakes, but you can also cover it with plastic wrap several times. If you are making more than one kind of cake, label it with a marker to prevent mix-ups. Note- Use toothpicks inserted into top of cake to keep plastic wrap from sticking to icing.

Freeze until about two hours before serving time. Simply remove and ice your cake, if you have not already done so, then transfer to your favorite cake plate before serving.

Use same method for making and freezing pies.

Cakes that freeze well include coconut, caramel, spice cakes, coffee cakes, pumpkin rolls, cheese cakes and many others.

Pies that freeze well include pecan, any cream pie, chess, lemon icebox and key lime and strawberry.

Add whipped cream after thawing.

When making cookie dough, follow directions on recipe, but do not bake. Roll dough up in a cylinder shape, then wrap in wax paper and secure with a rubber band. Refrigerate or freeze until time to bake.

Almost all kinds of cookies freeze well.


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