Goat Island Brewing: The Beer Next Door


CULLMAN – Watch out, Back Forty Beer Co. and Good People Brewing Co., there’s a new brew in town. Cullman is getting its first production brewery. Mike Mullaney, John Dean, Brad Glenn and Gery Teichmiller are the masterminds behind the new idea that has been in the works for a while. With the updated alcohol ordinance the City of Cullman just approved, breweries will now be allowed within the city limits, and Goat Island Brewing couldn’t be any more excited to set up shop in Cullman. 

The four friends helped to found the Cullman Brewers Guild a few years back based on their mutual interest and desire for craft beers, recipes and brewfests. And from there, the love and excitement for beer expanded into the idea of running a local brewery. 

“We hope to become a regional brewery. Of course, you have to start small and grow. Hopefully our plan will fall together,” said Gery Teichmiller, who has been brewing wine since he was old enough to walk.

At the moment, Goat Island Brewing crafts seven different beers. The talented group of guys believe it is great for people to expose themselves to different beers. Whether a German lager, American pale ale, IPA, porter, or stout, the group believes they all have a place. 


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Posted by Goat Island Brewing on Saturday, May 16, 2015

“It’s just according to what mood you’re in. It’s like asking what kid you like the best. It’s hard!” joked Teichmiller about the various brews available. 

This brew team knew exactly what they wanted with their new endeavor. Since Mullaney and Teichmiller have been homebrewers for years, they knew they wanted to eventually do their brewing on a larger scale. 

“We want to be in all the restaurants and pubs in Cullman. We make a wide variety of beers, from Belgian, German, English and American ales to lagers,” said Mike Mullaney with a smile. 

With just over 500 likes on Facebook, Goat Island Brewing is gaining in popularity and recognition for their delicious brews and quality of craftsmanship. Having gotten their start through the Cullman Brewers Guild and the Blue Moose Café & Pub where they were known as the brew crew, the fan base is evident and growing. 

“The support from Blue Moose has rendered us a reputation. We knew we had something good. The community supported us, too,” said John Dean. 

And their reputation is certainly one of the highest caliber due to their diligence in perfecting each recipe.

“Every time we would go to a brewfest, nothing was as good as what Gery and Mike made. Compare the quality of what Mike and Gery can do compared to what’s on the market, we knew we had something good,” said Brad Glenn. 

The brewery's name was chosen after the group would come up with several different ideas and then would discover the names they liked were already taken.

They had to think long and hard about something that was unique but fitting for this group of outdoorsy men who all grew up fishing and swimming. The name would surprise even them with its appropriateness and Cullman feel. 

“We wanted something that came from who we are. We wanted to brand this after Cullman, something we all know and have in common,” said Glenn. 

“Our slogan, ‘Life’s too short to drink baaaad beer’ was something Mike came up with,” said Dean with a grin. The clever slogan, delicious craft beer and community support have garnered a fan base that is becoming omnipresent with the increase of T-shirts being worn and local restaurants and pubs around town carrying their brews. 

For the latest information on Goat Island Brewing, like their Facebook page at Facebook.com/pages/Goat-Island-Brewing/470122419790560.