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Monday, January 30, 2023

    GUEST EDITORIAL: Alabama Farmers Federation President Jimmy Parnell urges Congress to ratify USMCA trade agreement

    Farming Feeds Alabama, but our state’s farmers also help feed the world. That’s why the Alabama Farmers Federation is urging Congress to ratify the U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement. Canada and Mexico are our first and third largest export markets. This agreement not only preserves our partnership...

    Foxgloves & Fireflies: Teachers

    stock image
    In writing an article for another paper I recently came across the story of a fourth-grader who initiated a fundraiser for a new animal shelter in her area. The fact that it was a child who came up with the idea was amazing, but...

    OPINION: An Open Letter to the Citizens of Cullman, regarding the dismissal of Tourism Director Cecelia Smith by the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce

    The following is an opinion piece submitted by a member of the community. The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of CullmanSense, the CullmanSense staff or any other contributors to CullmanSense.   To...

    Attention all nerds: Happy Pi Day!

    Welcome to March 14, or 3.14, commonly known in math geek circles as “Pi Day.” “Pi” or π is the Greek letter that represents the English letter P.  In geometry, the P stands for “perimeter,” the distance around a circle (also known as circumference).  Mathematicians...

    Countdown to Christmas: American-made stocking stuffers

    Wade H. Hall
    If you are looking for American-made products this year, here are some ideas that might help you fill those stockings! The New York Times dubbed zkano founder Gina Locklear the "Sock Queen of Alabama," and for good reason. The organic sock company is located in Fort Payne, which was known as the Sock...

    Honoring our Vietnam veterans Nov. 4

    On Saturday, Nov. 4, the citizens of Cullman County will honor their military veterans at a daylong event at Cullman Regional Airport in Vinemont. Full details on the entire event can be found at          www.cullmanveteransday.com. Parking and admission are free. This year, the focus of...

    The touchy subject of taxes

    I am fortunate to work in a school system whose community voted to keep a local tax to improve schools. I am also fortunate to live in a community that has supported an ad valorem tax for the past 60 years. This tax has...

    VOICES: Say no to backyard breeders, puppy mills

    Anyone who has ventured into the world of animal rescue knows that the list of challenges facing them seems endless. Every day, there is another crisis, another urgent call for help and another day of feeling desperately overwhelmed. Despite the awareness of pet overpopulation...

    Morning music: “I Will Survive”

    Ready for the number one dance song ever?   Lauded as the no.1 song of the 100 Greatest Dance Songs in 2000, "I Will Survive"  was the FIFA World Cup un-official anthem of the French team, who went on to win the competition 1998.   In...

    Foxgloves & Fireflies: How to grow healthy, happy succulents

    Loretta Gillespie
    Succulents require little care, and they reward you with beautiful foliage and occasional blooms. The popularity of succulents has exploded over the past couple of years. That might be because these are such unusual looking, hardy plants – they practically thrive on neglect. Most, but not...