The touchy subject of taxes


I am fortunate to work in a school system whose community voted to keep a local tax to improve schools. I am also fortunate to live in a community that has supported an ad valorem tax for the past 60 years. This tax has benefited me as a student, my children as current students, and my family as employment. This tax is up for renewal and I ask that you put your gas tax frustrations aside and vote yes on Tuesday. These kids are amazing and the ones that follow will be too! Cullman citizens, they need our support and encouragement, and sometimes that is shown in the form of a tax. Keep this community ever striving for better things for our children. Remember the kids, teachers and those that are tied to education when you cast your vote. #voteyesplease

Leeanna Smith

Editor’s note: Read about the upcoming Tuesday, March 19 tax referendum vote at