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Saturday, March 6, 2021

    Look twice, save a life

    May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. If you remember my piece from last year or know me outside of my profession, you know I’ve been riding motorcycles since July 2018. The number of close calls I’ve had in that short amount of time is...

    Editorial: I miss my senior friends

    The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted everyone’s lives in many ways. Those of us in the media are no exception. There are those, especially on social media platforms, who seem to believe that the media is enjoying this pandemic or even perpetuating it. This is...

    Editorial: Our seniors deserve more. Cullman can do better! 

    At the heart of every great community are its seniors. Cullman County is no exception, and with hard-working entities such as the Cullman County Commission on Aging and Senior Outreach, the county if full of fun activities for its seniors. So much so that...

    Editorial: ‘Make me look good, now!’ A guide to positive media relations

    More than half the time I conduct interviews, the episode concludes with the interviewee saying one of two things (actually the same thing in two different ways): “Make me look good, now!”  And yes, most of them add the “now;” this is the South, you...

    Tribune Editorial: To audit or not? A chamber of misdirection

    For several months there has been discussion and downright controversy surrounding the use of lodging tax dollars by the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce. It’s time for a formal audit to disclose exactly how and where the lodging tax money is spent. Secrecy and...

    EDITORIAL: The First Amendment and an elected Cullman official

    If you gonna write for us, I want you to write positive. Anytime the commission name is in an article, it’s all positive. No negatives.” Cullman County Commission Chairman Kenneth Walker Editorial- Noah Galilee, Cullman Tribune publisher Amendment I “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of...

    GUEST EDITORIAL: Alabama Farmers Federation President Jimmy Parnell urges Congress to ratify USMCA trade agreement

    Farming Feeds Alabama, but our state’s farmers also help feed the world. That’s why the Alabama Farmers Federation is urging Congress to ratify the U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement. Canada and Mexico are our first and third largest export markets. This agreement not only preserves our partnership...

    GUEST EDITORIAL: Alabama Bicentennial: 200 ways to save Alabama for the next 200 years

    Cullman Tribune file photo
    Ben Johnson South (Cullman Tribune file photo) The following is a guest editorial by local author Ben Johnson South, who offers Gov. Kay Ivey his suggestions on how to save Alabama for the next 200 years as we celebrate our state's Bicentennial. See more about...

    OP-ED: In Alabama, we have our veterans’ backs

    Governor's Office, Hal Yeager
    Dedication. Honor. Commitment. Sacrifice. Those are the traits that come to mind when I think about our nation’s veterans. I saw these qualities lived out every day by my dad. Boadman Nettles Ivey, my father, served in WWII as part of a field artillery division....

    Guest Editorial: Part 1 of 3: Where is the American Church?

    Following is an opinion/guest editorial piece- Part 1 of 3: Where is the American Church?- submitted by Pastor Tom Fillinger, IgniteUS Ministries- info@igniteus.net. There are 300,000+ churches in the USA. The latest figure developed by formal research completed by Dr. Thom Rainer, president of Lifeway,...