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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

    Always Reforming: Competence

    This is the third in a series of five. There exists formal research data that reveals that incompetent leadership is a major cause of decline in the Evangelical Church. In my work as a church consultant my observation and research confirm this to be...

    Foxgloves & Fireflies: life in the South

    Photo Credit: Captrosha
    I was asked recently what I love about life in a small town. It caught me off guard, but after thinking about it, I realized my answer, which was that I love getting to see practically everyone I know on any given day, in...

    Shedd: We need to implement a hay transportation program now

    Courtesy of newagtalk.com
    CULLMAN - The current drought is really hurting the cattle industry in my legislative district and relief is no where in sight. This week, I met with numerous agribusiness officials in Montgomery, including Alabama Cattlemen Association officers to discuss ways to help cattle farmers...

    Morning music: “Put Your Records On”

    One of the best singers Britain has produced in decades, Corinne Bailey Rae is a breath of fresh air. She's gonna guide you right on in to work with a smile on your face this morning! Here's "Put Your Records On." Bio from www.corinnebaileyrae.com: From Leeds,...

    OPINION: Paws for Frosty

    After hearing countless versions of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” during this Christmas season, I couldn’t help but think of the poor four-footed friends left out in the cold. As a rule, if you feel chilly, so does your pet. Most dogs and cats cannot...

    Foxgloves & Fireflies: Cooking with holiday leftovers

    Cooking with leftovers can be as easy as popping something into the microwave or it can be a new adventure in creating with what you have on hand. If you’ve tired of turkey sandwiches, here’s something you might not have tried. My daughter and her...

    Making Cullman’s Tail Wag: Can Our Community Be More Pet Friendly?

    CULLMAN – Our town is growing in a number of ways, but what if we can make it even better? Let’s grow downtown Cullman in number… with pets! Some of the most popular cities in the U.S. are pet friendly, so let’s do something...

    Billy Bob’s Stories and Stuff: To catch a mockingbird

    Those silly dogs of mine will chase anything that moves and a few things that don’t. They rarely catch the things they chase except the ones that don’t move. The non-moving objects have included rocks, trees, paper someone threw down in the yard and...

    Commentary on Sunshine Week

    Image courtesy of sunshineweek.org   Dr. Chris Roberts, University of Alabama Department of Journalism and Creative Media Alabama Press Association I played the role of Atticus Finch for you by taking on an unpopular cause in court. I sued Harper Lee. But unlike the attorney in Lee’s famed “To...

    Part 1: There but for fortune: a mother’s story

    AP File Photo
      This is the true story of heartache, physical, sexual and alcohol abuse, love, hate, financial burdens and finally, finding joy, happiness and hope. We trust that you will understand why the names and some of the circumstances had to be changed to protect the privacy...