Making Cullman’s Tail Wag: Can Our Community Be More Pet Friendly?


CULLMAN – Our town is growing in a number of ways, but what if we can make it even better? Let’s grow downtown Cullman in number… with pets! Some of the most popular cities in the U.S. are pet friendly, so let’s do something for the pet lovers in our community and make downtown Cullman more suited for our furry friends.


Seeing paws and tails in Cullman’s downtown area could add so much to our community. They’re cute, they’re fun and they provide unconditional love. Pets spruce up the town and elevate the moods of people around them. Several studies have shown that animals have therapeutic effects on people as well, so let’s get some pets downtown and watch the attitude shift from happy to happier.


So, what makes a community pet friendly? Pet friendly nature trails, parks and quality veterinary care are the simplest answers, and Cullman is hitting the mark with these. Sportsman Lake Park and Hurricane Creek Park allow you and your furry friend to hike together – but don’t forget to keep your pet on a leash!


We also have parks such as Depot Park and Heritage Park, which allow you to enjoy your pet outdoors. Cullman even has a dog park inside of Heritage Park. Its double sided to accommodate both small and big dogs safely. It has an obstacle course, a doggie pool and even a water fountain for your pooch. Cullman also has great veterinary care, as well as a few options for grooming and boarding.


There are ways that Cullman could improve in the pet friendliness area though. For example, you never see wagging tails walking with their owners in downtown Cullman. This is because businesses haven’t made themselves pet friendly yet. This can be as simple as providing a water bowl outside. Local businesses should look up to Rumors Deli who has put a huge water bowl next to a water hose on their patio.


Of course, in several cities, businesses have taken it to the next step by allowing dogs and other pets inside. Let’s be open minded to our polite Cullmanite pets, and who knows? Maybe some downtown businesses will open their doors to paws soon.


The biggest responsibility, though, in making our community more pet friendly lies in the hands of the citizens. It’s up to us to begin bringing our pets downtown, walking them along the community gardens and, of course, picking up after them. Maybe then local businesses will begin accommodating them.


Pet friendly towns are the best. They add character to a community, generate cheerfulness and promote tourism. Bring your furry friend for a walk downtown this week and see how many smiles you get. You may be happily surprised.