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    Funny Things from Yesterday: Locked in and locked out

    When our daughter, Robin, was 4 years old and Robert, Jr. was a little over a year old we had a problem of one...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: The paisley tie

    Most everyone has been in a small group of people, either family or friends, talking and laughing at funny things that were said. I...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: The ceiling fan

    I have written before about modern trends and old traditions. This article is about a ceiling fan and two or three helium-filled balloons. The first...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: The electric glider

    In the late l940s and early 1950s there was a lot of outdoor furniture in use. Houses built before this time did not have...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: A hungry boy

    In the last article I wrote about our little great-grandson Alder. I told of some of his natural abilities. Besides his abilities as a...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Catching the hummingbirds

    Each summer as we were growing up, Dale and I would go out in the country and spend some time with Mama and Papa...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Tyler

    Several years ago, when our children were still just youngsters, I had never given any thought about grandchildren. But I had a sister-in-law who had grandchildren...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Alder

    Alder is our second little great-grandson. He is a delightful little fellow and is now 16 months old, and he is what you call...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Shopping at K-Mart with our granddaughter

    Our little granddaughter, Leanna, was a gentle, pleasant and mild child- except inside a shopping mall or a large department store. Then, she was...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Robert Jr.’s trip to the emergency room

    As I have mentioned before, as a youngster Robert Jr. was a good little con artist. I’m glad he changed his ways before he...