Community with Carol: Julie Hall from The Link of Cullman County


Julie Hall, left, and Carol Berry, right

My guest this week on “Community with Carol” is Julie Hall from The Link of Cullman County. We talked specifically about the Pure Joy program that she facilitates.

I could write a book on my love and admiration for Julie Hall and what she does in our community.  The work Julie does at The Link is a true ministry for her.  I know she has a life-changing impact on everyone she comes into contact with. She wears many hats at The Link, but I wanted to focus on the one closest to my heart, the Pure Joy program.

Pure Joy is one small part of The Link, but in my eyes it is one of the most important.  Pure Joy embraces individuals who are broken and lost in our community. This program is designed to teach life skills, but in my personal experience with the program, it teaches something far greater!  It teaches individuals about their self-worth and their importance to this world, presenting them with not only classes, but also hands-on interaction.  They slowly learn life skills and see a future for themselves that they haven’t in the past! 

Julie’s love and compassion is genuine. The love of Christ shines from her and it is contagious. The participants of Pure Joy experience that. They learn they are enough, they are loved and that they can be a productive member of our community, that they can give back to others and that the items they make in the program have value and are beautiful.   

Pure Joy is a six- to nine-month program that teaches life skills, work ethic and communication skills.  Each participant is paid at minimum wage 20 to 22 hours a week.  They are also required to volunteer with The Link at events. 

I hope you will watch the video this week at as Julie and I dive deeper into Pure Joy and all the marvelous programs she is involved in at The Link of Cullman County. 

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