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    Files from yesteryear: 1898, 1937, 1957

    The first open cotton boll of the season that we have seen was brought in on August 17th, by James Trapp. Fire at early dawn...

    Files from yesteryear: 1939

    Mr. John Ivey visited Mr. Hiram Ivey, of Joppa, on Sunday evening. Misses Jennie Miller and Ruth and Ruby Johnson were the Saturday evening callers...

    Files from yesteryear: 1957

    From the files of 1957  Hanceville Happenings  Holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clate Hamrick were Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hamrick, Mr. and Mrs. Quinnon Holmes...

    Files from yesteryear: 1936, 1950

    From the files of 1936  This dry season threatens the water supply in Cullman and Cullman County.  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Crouen are visiting relatives here,...

    Files from yesteryear: 1930, 1936

    From the files of 1930  The County Board of Education has moved into its newly remodeled building, which is one of the finest in the...

    Files form yesteryear: 1900, 1950

    From the files of 1900  Married at Vinemont on November 21 were W.H. Fowler and Mrs. Nancy C. Petts of Chicago. The ceremony was performed...

    Files from yesteryear: 1954

    From the files of 1954  Sergeant First Class Taylor Weldon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Weldon, spent a few days at home last week...

    Files from yesteryear: 1900, 1930, 1950

    From the files of 1900  M. Dickerman has purchased the sawmill, belonging to W. Turney, near Vinemont.  Doctor W.A. Barclift, of Hartselle, is having a cottage...

    Files from yesteryear: 1916, 1936, 1950

    From the files of 1916 W. Tom Vandiver spent Monday in Birmingham. The Honorable George Parker spent Wednesday at Brilliant. Doctor P.M. Allison has returned home from...

    Files from yesteryear: 1964

    From the files of 1964   Mrs. Clemons Father Dies Here Sunday  Robert Woods Blair, age 62, father of Mrs. L.H. Clemmons, died at the Cullman Hospital,...