Files from yesteryear: 1902

(files from yesteryear)

From the files of 1902

The old building on the corner of Second Avenue and Fourth Street East is now being removed preparatory to the erection of a large brick bank by a company of gentleman who will “incorporate” with a capital stock of $25,000.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Mackentepe were considerably bruised up Monday enroute to Decatur when an engine ran out of a siding and hit the accommodation on which they were riding. George Allen was slightly injured in jumping from the engine.

Miss Nettie Karter of Cullman and Walter Gazin of New Orleans were married in Bessemer on Tuesday.

John Sutterer was elected chairman and Doctor L. Hays secretary of the Cullman County Republicans at a mass meeting last week. Organized committee included W.A. Heck, M.H. Bogue, Fred Buichmann, W.J. Williford and F.W.H. Speegle. The resolutions committee included George Beyer, J.J. Curtis, A. Dreher, Senior, Peter Grover and Joseph Hagerman.

A.B. Keller of Etha was in the city on Thursday.

Willie, the son of John Nigg of Garden City, had four fingers cut off at a shingle mill several days ago.

Quite a number of young ladies have entered school at Hanceville for the first time in years. Some of them are grown and have never finished geography.

Miss Ida Carroll and Henry Glasscock were married last Monday.

Miss Bertha McGlawn is ill with typhoid fever.

Iron Bridge baseball team defeated Logan, 28-13 on Saturday.

The Grand Jury for court which will convene September 15 includes J.J. Childs, James Childers, J.T. Ponder, Robert A. Collins, J.D. Tankersley, John M. Goodwin, W.T. Kemp, George Beyer, R.D. Dunlap, W.H. Wood, J.M. Crutchfield, J.W. Baggett, J.W. Rasco, Isaac H. Skinner, R.C. Livingston, John Arndt, John H. Arwood and T.J. Callahan.