Files from yesteryear: 1955

(files from yesteryear)

From the files of 1955

Fred Harbison won the Grand Championship at the Beef Show with a shorthorn steer. Mary Wood won Reserve Champion with a Hereford steer.

Don Morgan, nine year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Morgan, won the Cub Scout Soap Box Derby, last Sunday afternoon here. Don is in Mrs. Ruth Edward’s fourth grade room in East Elementary School.

Six year old Douglas Romine is recovering nicely in a New Orleans hospital after undergoing plastic surgery, last Thursday morning. Plans are for him to leave the hospital, on April 29th. However, he will have to go to his physician for treatment, every other day, for some time.

Douglas was seriously burned at his home in Saudi Arabia two years ago.

Mrs. Romine last month brought Douglas from Arabia to the states for the operation. Also coming with them were the Romines’ other children, Sharon and Michael, who are staying here in Cullman with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Romine. Sharon has entered the East Elementary School, where Miss Frances McPherson is her teacher. This is her first experience of attending school in the states and she likes it very much.

Miss Pearl Raney, sister of the late Mrs. J.T. Winn, of Cullman, died in a Jasper Hospital, Sunday p.m. Funeral services were held in Athens, at 3:00 p.m., on Monday. Reverend G.M. Bynum was the officiating minister, with Stanfield of Jasper directing interment. Survivors include: a sister, Mrs. J.M. Maples, of Florence and several nieces and nephews. Relatives from Cullman attending the funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Entrekin, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Ellard.

Two mystery farms were identified this week. The farm published in the April 7th issue of the Tribune, was that of Dwight Tilley, of Route Four, Cullman and the April 14th farm was that of Eldridge Harris, of Route Two, Hanceville.

The first persons to identify the Tilley farm were Kermit Wix, Mrs. O.M. Earl and H.J. Tilley. The previous owner of this forty acre farm was H.K. Tilley, who had owned it for some forty years, having inherited it from his father, who in turn had owned a five-hundred acre tract.

The farm was just put under plow seven years ago, when the Dwight Tilleys came into possession of it. They do tractor farming and grow sweet potatoes and plants as well as vegetables for trucking. Their favorite livestock is hogs.

The Tilleys were married on December 22nd, 1948 and have two children, Dennis, five and Donna, three. They are members of the Bethsadia Baptist Church and Farm Bureau. His hobby is livestock, particularly hogs and her hobbies are music and flowers.

One of the greatest honors ever received by Mr. Tilley was in 1948, when he received his American Farmer’s Degree, in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Harris farm is better known as the W.B. Scott place and it was thus that the first ones, Stella White and Eloise Madison, identified it. The Harrises have very recently bought this farm. Mrs. Harris is the former Lacie Lynn. They were married in 1946 and have two children, Carolyn, eight and Lynn, four. They are members of Beech Grove Baptist Church.