Files from yesteryear: 1920, 1930


From the files of 1920

The new sheriff of Cullman County appointed by Governor Thomas E. Kilby is Mr. J.W. Lambert of the Welti Community. Mr. Lambert is 37 years old, was born and reared in Carroll County, Georgia. Mr. Lambert’s family is composed of himself, Mrs. Lambert and two daughters.

Reverend Z.A. Dowling, a widely known minister of the Methodist Church, died on Saturday. Mr. Dowling was the father of Herndon G. Dowling, the popular principal of the Cullman County High School. The funeral was conducted by Reverend E.M. Glenn, a brother of Mrs. Dowling.

Successful applicants for teachers license for life – Mariglen Cornelius, R.P. Johnston, James Albert Keller, Marvin Killingsworth, Oron Patrick South and Mary Wigley. First – Joseph G. Martin, Second – Hester Bailey, Ara Leona Bailey, Beauford A. Bradford, Sister Mary Donahue, Mrs. Ruth D. Edwards, Agnes Guthery, Alice Hicks, Mattie Mae James, Mrs. Ethel Leak, Nellie Livingston, Mrs. B.H. Nunnelley, LuElla Oden, Bessie Pate, Ella Rice, Hattie Elizabeth Robertson, Hettie Scroggins, Annie Wigley, Alma Yarborough, Third – Mrs. Effie Clark, Alice Edwards, Bessie Holmes, Augusta Keller, Lillie Box, Lula Mae Taylor, Henry M. Tillery, Clara Tomerlin and Gertrude Mary Tomerlin.

From the files of 1930

The Good Hope 4-H Club met January 20 at the school. Mrs. Rounds called the meeting to order. A demonstration was given on making bound buttonholes and inset pockets. Each member made a bound buttonhole at the meeting.

Officers were elected for the year as follows: President – Bertie Young, Vice-President – Estelle Methvin, Secretary – Morris Hendrix, Treasurer – Mullie Phillips, Yell Leader – Vondalie Tillmon, Song Leader – Ella Calvert, Local Club Leader – Bertie Yount and Sub-Leader – Ella Calvert. The club has 24 members.

Mayor M.L. Robertson was elected President of Parker Bank and Trust Company for the ninth time. He has been connected with the bank for 30 years.

J.H. Edwards was candidate for sheriff of Cullman County in 1930. He moved to Cullman in 1921, from Georgia. Mr. Edwards is 45 years old. He has a wife and six children and has served as Chief Deputy Sheriff with A.A. Rollo for three years.