Editorial: Music’s comeback in Cullman

(Photo from Facebook)

CULLMAN, Ala. – While live music may have been a staple for many before the pandemic hit, it has certainly dwindled to a crawl over the past year, but as many places are reopening throughout Cullman, the lights of many our old favorite venues are beginning to flicker on once more. With the big and booming Rock the South booked into August, let us look on a smaller, more comfortable scale for those who might not be too antsy to jump into a huge crowd just yet. 

Are you looking for live music and dinner? Maybe just a fun evening with your family? Do you enjoy karaoke? No matter what your taste in music, there is no doubt that music makes us all feel better. With the present being as difficult as it is for some, we could all use a little cheering up. Dreher’s, which is right here in downtown Cullman, has live music as often as possiblebut at least once a weekand is only a short walk from Moe’s BBQ, another excellent locale for live music 

Even more than this, they offer karaoke on Thursday nights, as does Valley Tavern, located at Cullman Bowling Center, on Tuesdays. There is such a great selection of places and venues throughout our ever-growing town!  

Music’s ability to take us away to another place truly can change any atmosphere you are in, any emotion you may be feeling, a memory you feel like slipping into again. It is pure magic and seems to provide us with permission to let go and live in this moment for as long as the song may last.  

It surrounds us, embraces us and invigorates us. With the upcoming arrival of a long-awaited, much missed favorite, Second Fridays, let us enjoy this sense of community. It is what brings us together with the power to make us feel alive. So let us stop and listen to the music, if but only for a while.   

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