She Reads: ‘One Step Behind’ by Lauren North

(Book cover courtesy of Penguin Publishing Group)

Any time you open a new book, you are introduced to a world of endless possibilities. There are a thousand-no, a million different places that stories could take you. As local libraries begin to reopen at full capacity and access to handson literature becomes available again, let us not miss this chance to hit the ground running with some of this season’s most popular bestsellers. 

In this week’s novel, we meet Jenna, a full-time mother, wife and doctor who has been plagued for the past year by an incessant stalker. This stalker leaves Jenna “gifts” on her doorstep, at her job and even inside of her home. She has contacted local police to see what can be done, but there is little since Jenna is unable to distinctly identify the man who is causing her and her family so much terror.  

Jenna has two children, Beth and Archie who are doing their best to get on with life as normal although their mother is being followed and tormented to the point that their lives have been compromised. The struggle with this unknown verbal assailant has progressed so much that Jenna can’t let her children spend time on their own without fearing for their safety.  

Jenna’s stalker frequently sends her emails from untraceable addresses accusing her of being a terrible mother, of someone who neglects her children, and chooses her career over them. She is far more focused on saving her marriage and her family as a whole from the man who had consumed her every waking thought.  

Then, one day as Jenna is working her shift at the hospital, a patient is brought into her trauma unit after being hit by a bus. Something about him seems familiar to Jenna, making her wonder, “Is this my tormenter?” The decisions she makes and actions she takes will shock you as you try to unravel the mystery right alongside her. 

One Step Behind will keep you effortlessly entranced and quickly turning pages. I absolutely adored this book and will be singing its praises to all my book loving friends and of course, all of you!  

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