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Sunday, November 27, 2022

    Editorial: College in the time of COVID-19

    Since August of 2017, I've been surrounded by orange and blue and calls of "War Eagle." Auburn became my second home (though Cullman will always be my real home), and the friends I made became my second family. I didn't know how many other...

    Taking the Profit Out of War

    We now have a huge war machine that dwarfs President Eisenhower’s warning about the undue influence of the military-industrial complex. In an Aug. 29, 2013 editorial for Common Dreams, Bruce Gagnon of the Global Network says, “We’ve become a killer nation. We have to...

    Editorial: Summer recommended reading list

    Something magical happens when you first reach for a book. The possibilities become endless and worlds you knew nothing about become visible- fallen cities, lost loves, thrilling challenges around every corner. This summer, allow yourself to explore a book or two--whether it be to...

    Vinegar…The Eighth Wonder of the World!

    The Cleaning Agent That Has Superpowers   With the many uses and capabilities of vinegar, it’s astonishing that there hasn’t been an infomercial about this amazing product. I can see the video reel now: “It cleans, it shines, it disinfects, it deodorizes, it protects. But wait,...

    Editorial: Clearing the fog on COVID’s effects

    The doctors call it “COVID fog,” and it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as respiratory issues and ventilators. It is a very real effect of COVID-19, though, and it can be difficult to define as it strikes different victims in different ways, including...

    Editorial: I Love How I Drive

    My best friend of nearly a decade visited me this past week. He lives in Mississippi and though we try to have face-to-face visits as frequently as possible, life gets in the way sometimes and we most often end up on a Facetime call....

    Editorial: High School marching bands—Cullman’s pride and joy

    Last weekend, the City of Cullman was bustling as Oktoberfest celebrations were happening in Depot Park and the Cullman County Fair Parade made its way through town. While both were beautifully organized and tons of fun, it was the annual event taking place Saturday...

    Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality

    You have probably heard the term before, and chances are the term slipped by you. It’s easy enough to understand, but it is has been buried beneath a swarm of technical terms and lingo, mostly to keep you bored and ignorant. The term is...

    Editorial: Has Generation X been lost in the shuffle?

    Over the past several years, there’s been plenty of chatter about generational differences between the boomers, millenials and Generation Z. It's been mostly insults and finger pointing as those involved in the ongoing conversation duke it out over who is to blame for everything...

    Editorial: The policies of starting over pt. 2

    Change is a largely evolving concept. Occasionally, we are swept up in this giant wave of newness and gives us a feeling of being dipped into ice water. Initially, when submerged in freezing water, the human body has what is known as a “cold...