Editorial: Don’t feed the ducks

(Photo courtesy of Janet Chandler)

A few years ago, I was employed in an area which harbored a substantial feral cat colony, 20 or so, with kittens. I was disgusted after showing up to work one day, only to discover they had been poisoned and suffered a brutal death. 

It was a situation that caused many shop owners and customers much distress. Both collecting dead cats from the property and the odor that ensued will forever be etched in my memory and senses. 

The recent removal and extermination of the Canadian geese from Sportsman Lake Park revived my revulsion of en masse extermination of certain animals in our community. I understand the pros and cons of these situations; however, I am dismayed at the callousness of the methods of removal. 

The food dispensary on the dock specifically notes it is for ducks, geese and fish. Visitors to our beloved Sportsman Lake are unwittingly baiting certain waterfowl for extermination. 

Continuing to encourage feeding will only exacerbate the problem of overpopulation and attraction of certain species. I call on our Cullman County Commission and Cullman County Park and Recreation board to immediately remove and BAN all purchasing and dispensing of food for any wildlife, fish or fowl from this park. 

A handful of food may not seem like much of problem, but in light of recent events, it is apparent that the opposite is true. 

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