Editorial: Summer recommended reading list

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Something magical happens when you first reach for a book. The possibilities become endless and worlds you knew nothing about become visible- fallen cities, lost loves, thrilling challenges around every corner. This summer, allow yourself to explore a book or two–whether it be to sit down and read or plug into an audiobook on your daily drive. Here is a list of the Top Eight most recommended books for this summer season. 

1. According to Good Housekeeping, one of the most popular books to read on the beach this year has been “Summer On The Bluffs: A Novel” by Sunny Hostin. This story tells of three goddaughters in the rich community of Oak Bluffs, competing for the deed to their godmother’s summer cottage. Each young woman has their own plan and devices to win in the end, but they all have a secret that could ruin everything.  

2. “A Special Place for Women” by Laura Hankin has steadily been on the rise for readers. It describes an all-exclusive women’s club that few know anything about until one young journalist commits herself to finding a way in and breaking the club wide-open. What she discovers here is the last thing she expected. This book has landed itself on several Best Psychological Thrillers lists and continues to fascinate readers. 

3. “This Close to Okay: A Novel” by Leesa Cross-Smith has taken readers on a journey of heartache, happiness and healing, with striking characters like Tallie Clark, a young woman who is recently divorced and navigating life’s next steps, and Emmett, a young man whose life Tallie saves. Leesa Cross-Smith tells a beautiful story of self-discovery that many will no doubt find relatable. 

4. “The Girls in the Garden: A Novel” by Lisa Jewell. In this story, there are secrets and shadows surrounding a small community after a young girl is found unconscious and tucked away in the corner of the large garden within the neighborhood. No one comes forward to take responsibility for what has happened, and an investigation is set afoot. Jewell is a New York Times Bestselling Author and has several other immensely popular novels that have had great success. Turn along through some of her best work with ‘The Girls in the Garden: A Novel.’  

5. In “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” by Ocean Vuong, there is a story of a young man and the growing, but ever changing, relationship with his mother. With high praises of this soul-touching story sung across all platforms, there is no doubt that this book will have you coming back for more of Vuong’s work. 

6. “Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem” by Daniel R. Day will be released on July 9, and has been boasted about on Elle.com saying, ‘’Ava DuVernay has called Dapper Dan “a legend, an icon, a beacon of inspiration to many in the Black community.’ The pioneering designer tells his story in this memoir, displaying all the vim, irreverence and ingeniousness he’s plied to become as beloved as he is now.” This book will no doubt be worth keeping your eye on the new releases list in the coming weeks. 

7. “Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry” by Joya Goffney. This is the sweet, high school romance story everyone has loved at one point or another. This nostalgic tale tells of Quinn, who loses her journal and faces hard decisions whenever her written secrets begin to come to light. 

“A hilarious and swoonworthy story.” —Kristina Forest, author of ‘Now That I’ve Found You’ 

8. “The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot: A Novel” by Marianne Cronin. This is a story of two kindred spirits from two different times who find one another in a Glasgow hospital. Lenni is 17 years old, while Margot is 83. These two make quite the pair and dream up an idea to create 100 years of painting to honor the years held between the two of them. This incredibly moving story will have you rereading your favorite moments time and time again. 

This summer, there will be plenty of time for making memories. Do not forget to let some of those memories be made within the pages of a book. 

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