Editorial: The great debate…back to the basics for the 2024 Primary Election


Ah, yes it’s the time of year when politicians and those with political aspirations fill out paperwork as they prepare for the upcoming election cycle. It’s also a perfect opportunity to bring those candidates and elected officials together for traditional debates to find out where they truly stand and what promises they make can truly be fulfilled. 

The Tribune will be hosting a series of debates heading into the upcoming 2024 Primary Election, slated for March 5, 2024. Candidates have until November 2023 to declare and file the proper paperwork.  

The debates are open to all qualified candidates and incumbents. If you’re running for an elected position, please take this as your open invitation to attend the debates. These debates will be similar in format to those we have held in recent years – simple and straightforward.

A lot of preparation goes into the debates as our crew researches the issues at hand, queries the public for questions and looks over all possible information and documentation at its disposal before ever penning the first question to ensure all candidates have the same platform. 

There’s not much I can say about the upcoming format other than it will have a single moderator, the list of questions will have been thoroughly vetted and no one person is responsible for developing the questions. 

We had an excellent reception from the public following our first debate series and look to improve by offering the debate forums on multiple digital platforms and in print in The Tribune. 

The debates will be broadcast across myriad platforms via social media, YouTube, The Tribune’s new podcast through Cullman Today and through the upcoming audio thread, DINC. 

Local offices that will appear on the 2024 Primary Election ballot include:

  • Circuit Court Judge, 32nd Judicial Circuit, Place No. 1
  • Circuit Court Judge, 32nd Judicial Circuit, Place No. 2
  • District Court Judge, Cullman County, Place No. 2
  • Circuit Clerk, Cullman County
  • Cullman County Judge of Probate
  • Cullman County Commission Chairman
  • Cullman County Commission, District 3 
  • Cullman County Commission, District 4
  • Superintendent, Cullman County Board of Education 
  • Cullman County Board of Education, West Point/District No. 1
  • Cullman County Board of Education, Holly Pond/District No. 3
  • Cullman County Board of Education, Cold Springs/District No. 5

We’d like to encourage all candidates to take advantage of these free debate forums. Again, this is an open invitation to all candidates. Can’t wait to see you all there!

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